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I'm above Scobleizer??

  1. I woke up this morning to find an inbox full of comment notification emails. I was posted on Digg last night, and now, I'm apparently both the fastest growing blog on WP and the hottest blog today! (Ironically putting a Linux blog above a Microsoft Geek blog!)

    What do I win? :)

  2. Fame, fortune, untold riches... but only until tomorrow, you know how this is... ;)

  3. Wait until you get slashdotted. Lots of fun. :)

  4. I know it won't last, but it'll be fun while it does - over 9k visitors today!

    Unlikely to make slashdot, but if it did, it's not my server! <grin>

  5. I get about three or four sites slashed every week over here. You'll usually get a hard spike for about 3-4 hours and then a slow down curve for about a day or two. Really depends on what the site is running (ie WordPress, Drupal, static, etc) to see if it holds up. I don't have hard limits on bandwidth which is usually where you run into trouble.

    Which article was it anyway?

  6. Well, hey I'm impressed that I made it to second behind Danny on fastest growing blogs.

    We won't mention the fact that it only happened because he linked to one of my posts ;) Shhh!

  7. btw, the guy I hotlinked to got more than 100K hits for the first week after he's put his script online.

    (while I'm still getting hits from podz' ISP support stuff ;-)

  8. It'll be interesting to see what this does to the readability of your stats from this point onward... will the "normal" visitor numbers shrink to insignificant blips?

    Anyway, I just added another visitor... Interesting blog and an interesting way to cover a useful issue. The user-unfriendliness of many linux distros gets me (in some ways it feels like a waste of such a good opportunity) and is what's put me off using it repeatedly. I'm tech-minded, and I'd still rather spend the majority of my time on a computer "doing" rather than "fixing"!

    Congrats btw :)

  9. mutube:

    This happened to me a couple of weeks ago, I got linked by and then on consecutive days resulting in about 24,000 visits in 48 hours and 18,000 visits in 24 hours.

    Traffic went down pretty quickly afterwards, it was 5,000 visits the day after, 2,000 the next day but when it got to about 1,500 it stabilised there. I am getting between 800 and 1500 visits a day and I have been in the top 10 blogs on every day that I have made a post since then (If I don't post, I slip off in < 12 hours).

    My example (like Danny's) is quite a "pure" example because until I got linked from tuaw/digg I had almost zero visits (maybe 3-15 visits per day, from friends).

    I have yet to be slashdotted :)

  10. @drmike - it wasn't an article, they just linked to the site and commented on the idea :)

    Of course, the comments on dig became a war about Linux more than my blog!

  11. dannytuppeny: What I think's interesting about your blog is that what you're covering isn't neccessarily anything new (Linux usability problems, yada yada yada) but presenting it as newbie diary is. The irony is I don't think you could be a /real/ newbie & do that.

    I think the problem is that when people talk generally about usability problems (& anything) it's too easy to dismiss it as "stupid user". By showing step by step what newbies come up against it's harder to do that. The article about the install asking for DCHP makes that point pretty well.

    macnewbie:When you say you drop off <12hrs if you don't post, is that recoverable instantly when you do? What do you think the reasons (RSS feeds being track, etc?) What are your feed stats like?

    Guess it's simple: if you want to keep people reading, keep writing :)

  12. The DHCP thing is the best example of why I'm blogging. There are a lot of things that would cause "stupid users" to get stuck. I'm sure the docs for Ubuntu give more info than the install, but without printing them, how do I access them during the install? Too many things have massive help documents where they would benefit from just including more information in the windows and dialogs!

  13. mutube:

    It isnt recoverable instantly, and it certainly isn't any kind of "automatic" reprise to the top 10... I know that people do come and read it though because they usually leave comments, sometimes within 5 minutes of me making a post so I know I have people who subscribe now, although this isnt because of feed stats because they seem completely random. Up as high as 800 subscribers one day, the next day down to 100, next day up to 300, etc etc.. I also get 50% bloglines one day and 12% bloglines the next... completely random so I don't put much weight behind those at the moment (I am recording that seperately to send back to the WP team but I want to watch and measure for a few days before I do, it is beta after all)

    You are absolutely right though, digg or whatever might get you the initial hit of readers (although I feel that the more relevant link got me most of mine) but to keep them you need to keep writing... simple as that...

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