I’m attached to WRONG site…Please help as I can no longer access my own Site!

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    I am attached to WRONG site( https://pflproject.wordpress.com/wp-admin/)is not MY site! I’ve tried everything to correct this! My site is https://thewidowedword.wordpress.com/ Sadly as I can’t make any changes to my own work as I an no longer recognized by it I have to delete my account. My email is (email redacted) if you can help:) Username nickij9

    The blog I need help with is pflproject.wordpress.com.


    Hi nickij9,

    thewidowedword.wordpress.com is owned by another WordPress.com account. Please log out of nickij9 and login with the username thewidowedword instead. Are you able to see thewidowedword.wordpress.com listed under My Sites in that account?

    Sadly as I can’t make any changes to my own work as I an no longer recognized by it I have to delete my account.

    Is thewidowedword the account you would like to delete?

    Come back to me if you have any trouble logging in.



    Thanks so much for the suggestion but unfortunately even when I log out and in with the Widowedword.wordpress.com I can’t access it as they have me down as the owner of ( https://pflproject.wordpress.com/wp-admin/) and my own site is not linked or showing up at all with my details? I want to be removed from the pflproject one as I have nothing to do with it! Any suggestions would be great.
    PS. It’s the Widowedword one I want to keep but can’t get in to access it at all anymore.

    Thanks a mil



    @nickij9 let’s see if we can get you logged into the correct account first, then we can figure out if anything needs to be deleted.

    So first, can you head over to https://wordpress.com/me/account and click sign out?

    Then enter thewidowedword as the username to log in with. You will need to enter the correct password for that account, too. Then confirm that on https://wordpress.com/me/account it shows thewidowedword as the username.

    And then you can come back to this forum thread and let us know if the correct site is showing up. Or, if it still does not let you log in as thewidowedword, let us know what is happening at that point.



    Hi guys,

    Really appreciate the help.
    When I try to log in to my thewidowedword account it does not recognize my password ( which I have not changed). When I press forgotten password it does allow me to create a new one but it keeps logging me to this PFL wibesite:( and it claims that it’s my primary site). I logout and try the new password with the widowedword but it simply can’t gain access at all to thewidowedword. Ah how I love computers!




    It’s logging you back into this account because you requested a login link for this account and clicked on it again.

    To log into thewidowedword account you need to click the link in the password reset email we sent to the email address for that account 16 hours ago. This is a completely different email address from the one connected to your nickij9 account, where you received a login link an hour ago before posting your last reply here.

    Please check all other email addresses you own for that password reset email. If they’re Gmail addresses, also check the spam folder, and the Social and Updates folders.

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