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im being harrased

  1. thats my email btw also comments here

    im aghos1 (my username)

    what do i do?

    [ rest of post removed by mod for privacy]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. just go to general setting > discussion and enter their IP address and user name into one off the boxes below. This person obviously cant show proof of his claims so this person is most likely a nut job. Trust, me, I had a few nut jobs, after you block them they might start e-mailing you, just block them there too.
    btw, don't post your email or IP address here. the moderator will most likely remove them for you but don't do that again, it probably only helps a hacker get into your site.

  3. or sorry, I just realized you posted someone else email and IP. That's a no no.

  4. @aghos1: I have edited your settings for you so this person will not have such easy access to your comments.

  5. thats my email! and there ip

    sorry, dident no

    thanks rose

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