i'm blocked from another site after trying do deactivate my wordpress act

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    i have to log into a site that i am taking a class on. at the top of their page you can see the black wordpress bar and it has my picture from wordpress on the right side of the bar. for some reason i decided to try and delete my wordpress account and everything got screwed up. so i stopped trying to change it and reentered all my original wordpress account info and the account is fine now (by the way, i do not have a blog on wordpress, i just follow other peoples blogs and since i set up the act in 2013 i don’t remember how i opened an act w/o starting a blog). HOWEVER, the website for the class i take locked me out because after trying to get rid of this account and then resetting it to it’s original status, i had to press ‘log in’ on my class page (like usual) but was redirected that had the wordpress logo and wanted username & password. i was confused as to whether they wanted this accounts username & password, or my class website’s username & password. so i tryed both numerous times and ended up being locked out of my class page!!! sorry this is so long but anyone know what to do?????

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