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I'm brand new...What did I do differently!

  1. I am brand new to blogging and have only 4 posts. What I noticed under the latest activity box was incoming links included my first two posts but not the second two. Did I do something different?

  2. But I see you're an old pro to spamming. Report filed.

    edit: Well sort of old pro. Most of your links are broken.

  3. Spamming? drMike I'm not even aware of what you're talking about. I am a 52 year old man recently disabled If I am doing something wrong please direct me to a learning source so I can correct it. I'm not aware of any blogging protocols as I've never been exposed to them but I do know spamming in whatever reference your post is can't be a good thing.

    That failed the TOS.

  5. Wow you turned off his account.

  6. Spam blogs are unwelcome here - so yes, they get switched off. Part 2, in blue

  7. The website in question concerned a Powerwashing website and was pretty much just links to it.

  8. Thank you for keeping the spammers out. I'm also wondering if locking this topic wouldn't be okay.

  9. I was actually going to allow the gentleman a chance to respond but since it's been a day and he hasn't (And the domain in question appears on a number of spam records), I'll go ahead and lock it.

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