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I'm confused

  1. I just started my blog recently but I soon realised that if i want to put up stuff like certain links on the side I require my own hosting because the default templates you get do not allow oyu to edit the html code.

    If I decide to get my own hosting for my blog, does that mean I get to keep all the current content I have on my current blog or does that mean I have to start a new blog from scratch - something I'm not looking forward to doing.

    And if you get your own hosting and want to use templates from here, are you allowed to adit the html code to design the blog the way you want or put up buttons on the side etc? Help.

  2. Ahh...i thought for a moment, and i realized that some blogs i saw in the main Dashboard page had themes that are...quite different that the "free" ones. I "belive" you can edit or create your blog's theme.

  3. Let me guess... Scoble? Scoble is special. He gets to create his own theme. The rest of us are not special. We are stuck with what we are given. You can control which modules appear in your sidebar, and the colours of selected themes, but you can't create one.

    In answer to the original questions: 1) there's an RSS workaround some people have been using to export posts to self-hosted wordpress blogs, though we've yet to find a method that will let you import comments correctly, and 2) if you pay for hosting there will be no restrictions on which theme you use, you can add any HTML you wish or even code one from scratch. Hope that helps.

  4. It would depend on what type of links you desire in your sidebar. If they contain any type of script, no they can't be included. I note you have a Site Meter in your sidebar so you do know how to add a link with image.

    Can you be more specific as to what you are trying to add?

    If you start a blog using by downloading that version of WP your options are almost limitless. The themes wouldn't come from the selection here.

    Here is a list of nearly 400 themes that can be used on a blog you host or one you pay a company to host.

    Once up and running select one that you desire, download and unzip it, then upload and activate it on your site.

    From there you can add and delete anything you like including from this list of plugins or this one.

    As for keeping what you have on the blog search thru the FAQ's or the sticky at the top of the forum. There is a way using RSS to transfer the posts but off the top of my head I don't remember the exact procedure.

    EDIT: And obviously "wank" beat me to the RSS feature as I was writing this.

  5. Guys, Thanks a millions for the info. that's been bugging me for quite a while now. I put up a similar post on the forum and got pretty much the same answers.

    And Marc, With site meter, you can put up a link without using script code, but using a normal link and adding an image, but the problem is, you can only see the hits but you can't track where they came from etc and that doesn't really help, so actually it's only there coz it goes with the theme and it matches with the colours.

    I also visited your blog and saw loads of small cool buttons on the right hand side. What are those and why do they all have a plus sign?

    visit on of my friends blogs at which is powered by wordpress. I want something similar to that and I think the only way round it, is to get my own hosting.



  6. If you hadn't noticed the site you linked to is using the Journalized WP Theme that has been modified.

    The buttons are all sites that you can either bookmark a post of mine or add to an online RSS feed reader.

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