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I'm confused - Need help from the very beginning.

  1. Hello,

    I've tried reading the guides and things and they aren't really making sense to me so if you guys could help me I would appreciate it a lot.

    I only have a domain name with GoDaddy and a blog provided by wordpress. I don't have anything else including whatever software is needed. I want to be able to install plugins but I can't find anywhere on the dashboard which will let me do so. Feel free to ask whatever you need to be able to assist me.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi shane3x,

    I'm doing the same thing, its quite confusing, I need to brush up my url coding I think, but I think the best place to look is in dashboards, I did how ever find this link

    Hopefully this helps...

    Ginga Ninja

  3. I came across this and it does explain quite a bit:

  4. Oh thank you so much... Good luck with the blog I'll head over and check it out... Hope u get it

  5. you need software on your godaddy site to be able to use plugins. It is my understanding that plugins cannot be used on accounts.

  6. Why do you want to install Plug-In's? What functions are you missing?

    As noted above Plug-in's are not allowed on WordPress.COM for security reasons, HOWEVER the nice folks at WordPress.COM have added a pile of Widgets that have the functionality of many popular Plug-in's, so much easier as they are already built into your site here.

    Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets - just drag and drop the ones you want to use.

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