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I'm confused...I wrote my Bio, and profile, but where does it show up??

  1. I'm confused...I wrote my Bio, and profile, but where does it show up??
    I can't find it anywhere. I wanted to be able to click the username on the posts and see the bio of that person...but it just takes me back to my blog??

  2. The following applies to blogs and as you have not posted your url I do not know where your blog is or which theme you may be using.

    Some of the themes have a display of biographical information entered on the Your Profile page. This "About" information will appear in the default widget display at the top of your sidebar. The minute you choose to add or change widgets the default display will disappear in those themes.

    Most themes do not have this at all. What we do is one of two things:
    (1) Use a text widget that contains a brief bio and place it in your sidebar or
    (2) Create a static "About" page.

    Also not that if you look up at the top right hand corner of this forum page you will find a Profile link.

    Lastly, you can link your username to your blog
    _> Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile
    scroll to "website" in the right hand column and insert the url for your blo and then click "Update Profile".

  3. Setting this aside, when you link your usernames to our blog then when people click on your username they arrive on the front page of our blog. Then they can click the link for the "About" page and read about the blogger and the blog.

  4. @options,
    Thanks. I had bookmarked this but I have so many bookmarked I didn't find it. :)

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