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I'm fallen in love

  1. I'm fallen in love for the first time in my life. How to tell her this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Open your mouth and speak.

  3. Any more suggestion?

  4. No.

  5. Thanks to inform me. A well known volunteer failed to support me :)

  6. What kind of support did you expect? I don't know you and I haven't a clue what age you are. However, I suspect you are very young and naive, as based on my own life experience only infatuated adolescents ask these kind of questions but I could be wrong.

  7. If you are in love with her then there is probably a good chance she feels the same way:) How long have you been seeing her?

  8. As should be obvious from MY presence here, forum volunteers do not provide emotional support; we provide technical support.

    If you want us to provide emotional support, you're going to have to make it worth our while. For me, $1000 an hour should about do it. For that, I'll listen to your emotional issues and even pretend to care.

  9. I'll do it for $999, no promises on the caring though.

  10. I could expect it from Arde, Thanks for your 1$ concession.
    I'm a young boy of 19 years old. I'm passionate about my work. I want to work something extraordinary for the world as peace. I'm a medical student and I love biotechnology. I can give my 100% to save the world in this field.
    [email redacted]
    Does anyone believe in love on first sight?

  11. Thought I did once, turned out to be an inflatable doll.

    I banged it regardless, because the kind of stud I am.

  12. Lust at first sight, but love! Nah, it's a myth.

  13. I believe that what passes for "love" is most frequently infatuation and lust. I don't believe most 19 year olds are in a position to have established a lengthy enough and a deep and intimate enough relationship with another to actually be experiencing love. People who have some life, lust and love experience are less inclined to mistake attraction and infatuation for affection and lust for love. Sometimes infatuation amy lead to relationships that grow to become based on love but in most cases they don't seem to.

    It's best not to blurt out "I love you" to a person you barely know it amounts to nothing more than a declaration of sexual attraction - not love - lust. The two are quite different I assure you. Love is an action word.

    Unless or until there are two people are actually best friends who are committed to a long term relationship love is not being manifest in it -- sexual attraction and infatuation dominate. What’s key to the survival of any relationship is open communication, and both active listening and cooperative attitudes, are part of that process. In most cases what will take place is small talk and that lays a strong foundation for the times that heavier discussions take place. It's important for both people to learn that in relationships love is an action word and little things mean a lot. Rushing things by making adolescent declaration of true love can make the other party run for the hills.

    Healthy happy life-long relationships are based on freedom and complementarity rather than need. The foundation for a successful relationship is mutual respect, trust, equality, freedom, affection, intimacy and a desire to allow one another to grow to their fullest potential within the relationship. Until there is a friendship foundation based on respect, trust, mutual attraction and affection, shared morals and ethics, shared interests and goals, then IMO what's being experienced ain't love. Granted, that you can decorate it with chocolates, perfume, and flowers and even with a marriage certificate but it's just infatuation and lust.

  14. That's gonna send his Google Translator into overdrive.

  15. Can anyone translate or summarize what TT have said?

  16. You have lots of time on your hands so why not spend it trying to figure out what I said? It's my opinion that would be a better time investment than tossing half-baked answers into support forum threads.

  17. Sorry but it is not that I don't want to read the whole article. But there are some words which are too complicated for me to understand. English is not my native language. That's why I asked to summarize it.

  18. You could try using Google tranalate from English to Urdu. You could also use an online dictionary to find the meanings of English words you don't understand.

  19. Overcoming complication is all part of education.

  20. Learning how to summarize comes with the territory when you are a College student or University student. The difference being that the professors don't hand out their notes. They speak and students write or type as fast as they can.

  21. Yes thanks.
    I already did search for 2 or three complicated words and I understand the context of that. If that article is true then I've learnt many things about life. But I didn't understand nor find anywhere the word "wiley" nor I understood their purpose of tagging such meaningless words here. I believe them such cowards who can not speak in front of you but can only back bite you.

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