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I'm getting 10,000 to 40,000 hits on a specifc blog post. How is it possible?

  1. How do I track where they're coming from?? It doesn't seem to show on the blog stats (the referrers). Is this for real? How do I check? Help?

  2. Wow!

  3. It's easily possible. Some blogs here get over three million hits a day.

    If you haven't installed Sitemeter or Statcounter, go there and add their button in your Links so you can track things better. Here's what my Statcounter gives me:

    If the hits are coming to a particular post but you don't have anything under Referrers that would come near explaining it, it might be someone trying to "break" your site by hitting it so often; it's quite common for blogs on lesser servers to go down when demand like that happens. OR, and more likely, it's just that you got picked up and mentioned offline, like on tv or in the newspaper or something.

    Can you give us a link to the post? I'd like to see it myself. And congratulations.

    If you contact staff directly there's a chance they might be able to give you more information, but I can't say for sure. Naturally you'll want to know more about this phenomenon so you can do it again or avoid it as you choose! (PS if you don't want those readers, send them to ME!)

  4. @lobaf-Congrats!

    @rain-There's a note on sitemeter that says "The "Regular" Site Meter HTML code is easier to add to a page, but doesn't allow you to track the original URL from which your visitors came before linking to your site." So unless you can use the Javascript version (which, of course, we can't on sitemeter's value in that area seems limited. (Impressive stats BTW.) :)

  5. Yes, but other stat counters do give different information, and valuable info at that, as well as collate it differently. I find you can get more information by comparing two different stat programs; the wisdom is in the interstitial spaces. The World Map feature is particularly useful in Sitemeter.

  6. Wish it HAPPENED to one of my posts ...^sigh^

    Anyway, congrats to Lobaf!

  7. pornstarbabylon

    What exactly is the post about or the search terms that bring them there?

  8. What's so strange? My counter is obviously already broken! LOL~
    It's +1 this morning at 23,995, and now +5 at lesser than 23,995.
    Take it easy, the database may be under working or what.

  9. I've got 8 on the graph and 53 on the tabular

  10. Look they posted a PHONE #

  11. I'm still wondering what the original poster did to get so many hits?

  12. Without a link to the blog or the post, who can tell?

  13. I just posted a blog. I have two hits. Maybe by tomorrow I can get a few more.

  14. I hope so...

  15. This is not an effective way to get more.

  16. Look, there is only one sane reason: The counter was broken down, and it's is still broken.

    How is it possible that you got 40,000 without any media online reporting?! Even Xiaxue of Singapore manages a 10,000 a day... so unreal.

    40,000 for one post is... LOL~

  17. Scope, you're wrong. It's entirely possible.

  18. salvadorinocensio

    If it is possible, then I hope it happens to my site one day.

  19. From now on I am going to work under a pseudonym, "let's see now what would be a good pseudonym CLICK Raincoaster...that's a good'n" I never heard that one before...."

  20. lettershometoyou

    citpam, you forgot an s in your name

  21. The most hits I've ever gotten in one day is 13,137. I wouldn't mind this problem.

  22. Wow the most hit's I got in one day was 609

    I wouldn't mind this problem.

    I 2nd that! :)


  23. lol... Im new to wordpress and the title caught my attention..was going to ask how to get that many hits. I'm with artpage1, only, I think the 2 hits are my own checking for edits!!

    Anywayz, hi! Im not spam...boring maybe, and not very entertaining..but not spam either!!! :-p

  24. Hi Rain!

    It's possible. But I'm sure don't want to be that hot, nor that cold.
    Over a 10,000 hits is pretty scary, and if it's in Singapore, I'd become the blog king with a daily hits like that. LOL~

    The problem about this 'possibility' is that you'd attract attention of the wrong sorts, especially when Singapore is pretty culturally weak and, although the government does promote blogging the law side people do know the peculiarity of blogging, there are still a whole bunch people who don't see the point but got enough authority to mess things up for the world to see.

    The most hits I got for a post is silly rant, about 300+. Won't that be a lot of bandwidth needed if your site got such a ridiculously volume of attention?

    40,000hits~ LOL~ Too hot to be true.

    BTW, I have rang up the Support, OMG they didn't detect any problem, so I have to tell the 'story'. I think the broken counter is a pretty hard to fix problem if it is hard to detect in the first place.

    Ciao. I got to go.


  25. Maybe I am in the wrong fourm but my site http:/ ( is not getting ANY hits from All my hits about 2500 on a daily basis are from external sources. This leads me to believe that my site is not on the wordpress search engine.

    What do I do to rectify the situation

  26. funny!

  27. You can check the wordpress tags page to make sure that your posts are showing up there. Choose an unusual tag because the more common ones move pretty fast.

    But I wouldn't be particularly surprised that most of your hits come from outside WordPress. Most people search on Google etc., rather than on WP specifically.

  28. They used to show up on the tags. Not anymore. NONE of my referrals are coming from WordPress. Sacred path HELP

  29. Hits glorious hits
    I have tried everything
    I'm at the end of my wits
    all my wiles have come to naught
    gunna undo my blouse and show me **** [deleted]
    I'm quite happy to trundle along really [sigh]

  30. I would suggest google analytics if you want to get really serious about tracking the traffic. My cpanel / webalizer tells me that I get 300+ uniques per day on my one blog ( but in reality, it's only 50-60 uniques per day according to Google Analytics.

    it's really easy to install. once you set up an account, you just put the code in before the /body text.

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