I'm getting some weird pingbacks

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    I’m trying to figure out why I keep getting pingbacks that are quoting my entire post and it’s showing up as a comment. Is this how it’s supposed to work?

    The blog I need help with is cmrichard.wordpress.com.



    It’s probably a Reblog.


    But take a look and see; if it’s actual theft, assert your copyright by leaving them a comment to that effect. State specifically how much of your post they’re allowed to quote.

    Hard for us to make a call without seeing one of the pingbacks.


    yes it has to be like that , approve it(u will find below the comment in your dashboard) after verification.

    and look to that it is not posted on some just sites

    ,as this can affect your ranking negatively.



    For some reason I can’t see the entire thing, it says […] then a little bit of my post is here, like four or five lines or so […] So I don’t want to approve it until i can actually see what it is…this is really strange and I don’t like it. Is there any way I can just turn it off?


    open that post in new window there you can see the whole post ..


    open that post in new window there you can see the whole post ..



    You are not required to approve a Ping back.

    If they just did a two sentence except you should get a bit of traffic from their site – some sites are just collections of links to other sites – does the other site have original content? Or is it just a collection of links?



    Thanks for all the advice guys, but I figured out what it was. It’s because I linked to one of my own posts in the one I just put up today. Took me a while to figure that out lol



    You can stop self-pings if you wish. I simply delete them.

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