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I'm Going After Big Foot, Yes...I'm Serious!

  1. truthdetective

    Just check out the details in my blog posting "What Is To Come". I'm really excited about this part of my blog because I am going to go and check out urban legends, supposed hauntings, and explore things that we have seen on tv or heard of through the media to be easily explained or what not and report back to my blog with commentary, video, auio, and picutres. Should be very fun. I am also going to do local events such as sci fi, politics, religion, etc. I would love some input and ideas. Give me your legends and stories so I have more things to go and explore.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. truthdetective

    I think you should know, I am serious! And I really do want to hear your stories from all over. It will be interesting and fun.

  3. I get that you're serious but we have threads here to post about that like those 2 stickies at the top. I'm not trying to be a bitch but just consider plugging your blog here:

  4. truthdetective

    Okay, I suppose I took the "Off Topic" title wrong. I had thought it was for general discussion. Which is what I am looking for...other people's stories. Sorry for the offense.

  5. No I think you had the right idea posting here. You were opening up a discussion about urban legends and such while also mentioning that you will be blogging about your personal experiences on the matter.

  6. Thanks, I thought so. I have a list of things I want to look for already, but it is not long. I want to know what is out there that others may know about. I appreciate the support.

  7. My wife has size 10s, I'll warn her. ;)

  8. truthdetective

    LOL, too funny! So does my mother.

  9. so does my sister. Actually she's size 11... well so am I

  10. Wouldn't the place to have those discussions be, you know, on your blog? Otherwise, why do you have a blog?

  11. truthdetective

    Why have an "Off Topic" forum? I am new as of yesterday and just looking for some great ideas and stories. I had hoped to get some good discussions.

  12. The thing is: the forum is for things which are not technical, but it's NOT here to provide a forum to discuss...your blog. You can always register your own forum for that and link to it from your blog.

    While there are several threads specifically designed to promote bloggers and their blogs in this forum, the creation of threads to promote a specific blogger's agenda or blog is discouraged. Because we've already go those threads.

  13. But we aren’t really discussing our blogs are we? We are simply having a conversation that is going to generate ideas for our blogs. It’s different you see? Going to the forum where you simply plug you blog isn’t generating any ideas. I suppose we could remake this thread and title it Generating Ideas. But isn’t that pointless when this is already sort of rooted?

  14. If I don't like a topic or a subject, I don't click on it. I know Rain thinks I'm a noob, and probably ignorant, but I feel this "Off Topic" subject is perfectly legit. After all, it is; " Everything not covered above" in the forums. imho, of course.

  15. We have threads to promote your blog in this forum like "Plug Your WordPress.Com Blog Here", "What Did You Post In Your Blog Today" like Rain said. It's just unneccessary if other people create threads to promote their blogs when we have those threads. Even though it's the "Off Topic" forum, we shouldn't just create a new thread to earn traffic for your blog. Like what Rain said. these threads to promote your own blog is discouraged. I'm not trying to bitch around but let's just let the thread die out.

  16. If you want new ideas, think. Try typing random things for as long as you can without stopping to think about what you're typing. Don't worry about editing until after you stop.

  17. I meant new location ideas to check out and investigate. Geez, I can not believe this forum. If I could shut down this thread I would because it is not giving me what I need anyways. Really people, "Off Topic" means other things than just nonsense games. Sometimes, just once in awhile, it can be about things that actually interest people.

  18. If you are the person whom started the thread you can close it, there should be a small menu on the right side of the screen when you are viewing the thread that gives you the option to close it.

  19. Oh and I got what you meant, I image you run into a lot of skeptism when it comes to the things you investigate. But I'm a firm believer that if you believe in it than go after it. :) Good luck in your trek.

  20. Thanks for the help, but I don't see the menu on the right side, what does it say? I suppose if I can't find it I will just let this die out cuz it is making a few people get up tight. So, this is my last response on this thread in case I don't find the little menu.

  21. I think this is perfectly legitimate... the poor guy is just looking for urban legends. If he had titled the post "I'm looking for urban legends, who wants to share?" Then none of this would have happened.

    That said, I've always heard about alligators living in sewers. But, I think that's been proven false a million and one times.

  22. Sry Truth, I don't know what I was thinking, I just started a thread to try and find it but well it's not there. I KNOW I've done it before but I dunno....

  23. You can't close a thread if you aren't a moderator. But you can mark it Resolved.

  24. But this thread isn’t resolved. I’m glad we can actually talk about something other than what I ate today or why I should ban the person who posted before me.
    You should investigate why/how it is that us psychics can see more paranormal things than normal people.

  25. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh now I see Raincoaster, thanks.

  26. pornstarbabylon

    Someone recently called me the Loch Ness monster of the adult industry. lol Heard but never seen.

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