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I'm having trouble inserting a picture from the gallery into my post

  1. I'm having trouble inserting a picture from the gallery into my post. This just started today.

  2. I'm having the same problem? Can anyone help, please?

  3. Can you be more specific? There are at least four different problems that people have reported. Where does it fail, what happens then, do you get an error message, what browser and version are you using, and have you performed the Cookie Dance?

  4. I use Safari 2.0.4 Since I am using dial-up, I right click on add a image, and I then upload my photograph, and click to insert into post, it immediatly opens a new window, and nothing happens?

    When I want to add a picture, and I don't right click on the icon, it takes far too long to load, but that is just because of my connection speed.

    I look foward to any answers!

  5. There is a bug affecting Safari at the moment. Try Firefox:-)

  6. Well, this is just a workaround but instead of hitting Insert Into Post, just copy the URL and use the Image Icon in the toolbar to put the image in your post. You can format it there as well.

  7. Oh! Thankyou for answering so promptly. Although since my connection is slow, I find it nearly impossible to use Firefox.
    Nevertheless, at least I know it was not something I was doing wrong! :)

  8. Well, I thought the Safari problems had gotten cleared up. Make sure you have Flash 9, because that's the #1 reason this fails to work, old Flash.

  9. Thank you. I don't know if I have Flash 9, so I'll check...

  10. I am not using Safari, I am using Firefox and I still can't insert a picture. I click on insertpicture and nothing happens. ArGHHHHHHH

  11. It is driving me nuts.....

  12. I have problems too inserting pictures. I use Mac/Firefox and nothing happens when I try to insert uploaded pictures into post, except I get a large gray box on my it a temporally bug, or something else? Let me know. Thanks.

  13. It's been going on for three weeks. To get around it, see the post immediately above yours.

  14. This is a disaster, the Gallery is utterly broken. I hate the whole new flash part that separates the gallery from the rest of the post. Having everything on the same page the way it was before was much superior. So with

    * Gallery broken
    * Impossible to embedd picasa web albums.

    I'm changing if this isn't resolved in a few days.

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  16. I am having the same problem -- inserting an image doesn't work no matter what method I try. And the work-around doesn't work, for me. I am using Firefox.

  17. Sigh. I don't know why the suggestion of using Firefox keeps coming up. It really misleads people. Despite this image upload problem having been evident for MONTHS to admin, and also being totally clear to anyone viewing the forum on a regular basis that it is a wordpress not firefox/browser/flash problem, there is still a surprised reaction. "What? Really? Your image doesn't upload? Quelle surprise! Why don't you try Firefox?" I think this is really dishonest. Every time I look at the forum it is clogged with posters with image upload problems. Prolems that I might add didn't exist before the upgrade. All you hear is how some browsers are not clearing caches etc, blah blah blah. I'm sorry, IT USED TO WORK PROPERLY BEFORE.The browsers shouldn't have to fit in with the wordpress upgrade. WordPress needs to make sure it works with the current browsers. The only method that works is cutting and pasting the URL with the add image button. Can I add that I didn't get a reply to my last support email on this topic.

  18. I am having the same problem, and I use Firefox. Will need to switch if it continues...

  19. I also had a problem of putting image in my blog for wordpress. What is happening? I couldn't update my blog, because my blog entries depends on images. Answers please if able.

  20. Can you be more specific about the failure you're experiencing?

  21. I'm using AOL and I can't load up my pics either. I load them and instead of the picture showing up I get a red X where the image should be.


    the image server is broken at the moment

  23. masterclasslady

    Any idea when the image server is going to be repaired? I know that support isn't available on weekends, but maybe they're lurking?? (fingers crossed)

  24. The most recent information is in the link above. It is not in the hands of support.

  25. masterclasslady

    Thanks so much. I will wait for the problem to be rectified.

  26. accidentalsexiness

    I am having the same problem!

  27. Well today is for me the first time I couldnt put a picture on my pages either. I dont even know what Firefox is, I have Windows XP Professional and IE 7. It is no trick to putting a picture in there, I had lots of them in there allready. But just today, all I can get on my blogs is the little red " x " and the outline of where the picture should be.

    I can use either set up flash or browser with equall results normally, now nothing! I have cable internet and running hot, uploads go fast and into my gallery like usuall. But no longer to my blog pages. Whats up?

  28. accidentalsexiness

    Earlier this week I had the same problem but it was WordPress that was having problems. So I don't think you are doing anything wrong.

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