I’m having trouble inserting a picture from the gallery into my post

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    Can you be more specific about the failure you’re experiencing?


    I’m using AOL and I can’t load up my pics either. I load them and instead of the picture showing up I get a red X where the image should be.



    the image server is broken at the moment


    Any idea when the image server is going to be repaired? I know that support isn’t available on weekends, but maybe they’re lurking?? (fingers crossed)




    The most recent information is in the link above. It is not in the hands of wp.com support.


    Thanks so much. I will wait for the problem to be rectified.


    I am having the same problem!



    Well today is for me the first time I couldnt put a picture on my pages either. I dont even know what Firefox is, I have Windows XP Professional and IE 7. It is no trick to putting a picture in there, I had lots of them in there allready. But just today, all I can get on my blogs is the little red ” x ” and the outline of where the picture should be.

    I can use either set up flash or browser with equall results normally, now nothing! I have cable internet and running hot, uploads go fast and into my gallery like usuall. But no longer to my blog pages. Whats up?


    Earlier this week I had the same problem but it was WordPress that was having problems. So I don’t think you are doing anything wrong.



    i cant put in pictures by clicking add image or add media either i can just copy and paste pics i use windows vista can u help plz



    Read the sticky https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=31951&replies=29 the image servers are down.



    I’ve got the ‘little red box’ problem too. How do we find out when the image servers are back up?



    Um, when your pictures reappear? Seriously dude, there is a ton of threads on this, there is a notice in your dashboard, and there’s nothing that WordPress can do about Amazon’s servers.



    Aye, there IS a notice on the dashboard, and indeed WordPress is not to be held responsable for that. Some of the images are back, but most of them are still missing. Patience people!



    I am a new user, and have read the posts and FAQs.I am having trouble adding photos to my blog. I can get the photo into the blog, I can see it all greyed out behind a blank white box that appears when I hit the post to blog button. But the white box won’t go away and I can’t close it. The only way out is to back click on my browser or use one of the account or dashboard tabs at the top of the page. In either case, I lose what was on the blog, so the photo never gets saved to the blog. Any ideas about what is wrong? I have Windows XP and a fast DSL line. Thanks for any help!

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