I’m having trouble understanding the instructions for hiding static pages

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    Hi there,

    I created a static front page on my blog http://keepitdowntown.org/ (the static front page is called ‘welcome to Keep it Downtown), but I don’t understand the instructions on how to hide the page so that I don’t end up with both ‘home’ and ‘welcome to Keep it Downtown’ in the top navigation bar.

    I tried setting a different parent for the page as described here: http://support.wordpress.com/pages/hide-pages/, but there was no home page option in the drop down menu of choices, so I tried creating a new page called home, which–not surprisingly–has created two ‘homes’ in the navigation bar.


    The blog I need help with is cuttheclearcut.ca.


    The one “Home” is a built-in link to your blog front; you can’t change it. The second one is useless; delete it. And set “In the news” as the parent of “Welcome”.


    Thank you very much!

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