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I'm looking for some blogs to read.

  1. I ramble about writing, fantasy, and assorted things here:

    I also edit a fantasy ezine

  2. Vilipend means to treat with contempt...which is how you should look at my blog

  3. Hi Emily. Have a look at my blog at try366
    I'm attempting my first triathlon this year and decided that to make things a little more challenging and interesting that I was going to run, cycle or swim every day this year, and of course blog about it.

    Also includes a bonus song of the day too.

  4. Me, I like edges. Goin places you never thought of. Take a peek - you might get freaked... Read my life in stories and stitches.

  5. Hello Emily--I write poetic rambles which are sometimes dark but also beautiful--even comical at times. I focus mainly on the human condition in my writing but my main squeeze is creating interesting melodic and rhythmic patterns. My site is named basil is useful simply because I believe basil is a useful herb :)

  6. I have just moved to Brazil and this is my account of trying to adjust to life here. Amusing (for others) to read I imagine!

  7. I write about some personal stories, talking shit about sex and some thinks that blow my mind constantly in a romantic way. take a look if you like

  8. See my last post explaining how HItler is relative to modern day haters -

  9. daniellaabraham

    My blogs are:



    If you would like to take a look that would be great

  10. I totally have clicked on almost every blog in this thread...I should be working....oh well, there's some very nice blogs out there!

    Emily, I know you're prolly full-up on followin' but as I'm new too, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring as well...

    Come On, Mr. Sunshine

    Thanks all!

  11. Hi,
    You might enjoy reading my blog: My blog is about finding that combination of happiness, contentment, peace through the way you live your life. Everything from the people around you, to your job and where you choose to live are talked about. Thanks for the interest!

  12. Emily,
    thnx so much for starting this string in the forum. i come here now regularly to see what new blogs are being posted. you should start a blog of new blogs. i have two, well one is actually my daughters. they are both great blogs check them out and see if you like them:

  13. onelofajourney

    Wow! You've gotten a lot of responses so far, but I figured I'd add my plug.

    My blog is about college & law school... life and finding a balance.

    Let me know what ya think! Look forward to reading yours, too!

  14. I'm new! I post all about my painting/art =)

  15. Hi Emily and everyone else. Come on by Atomic Gator for the funny. But only if you have time to laugh..


  16. dreamreflector

    I'm relatively new too C: You can take a look at my blog at

  17. frenchtwistedwoman

    A little bit of each - photos, recipes, stories, style ideas, and more of my attempts to hang on for dear life to my French Style and memories of Paris while living in the woods of Pennsyltucky.

  18. I'm new also. Checked yours out, I like it.


    We are an information resource for International/Foreign/Erasmus students that are coming to the UK to study. Set up in February 2012 - we aim to provide excellent, relevant and free information for these students.

    Through interacting with our users, we aim to deliver the most relevant information to International/Foreign/Erasmus students that want to study here in the UK. In our unique city profiles these incoming students should be able to find links to their prospective UK host universities, as well as useful information regarding what they can get up to during their year abroad.

  20. mountaincoward

    If you're interested in the outdoors, I write a hiking/hillwalking blog with (sometimes good) photos. Most posts are mainly the UK but there are some Jordan and some Africa. Possibly the only thing setting aside from a few other similar blogs is that I mostly write from a cowardly point of view as I have a great fear of heights and 'steep' but still feel compelled to go up all the hills ;-)

    The only thing I would say, if you do decide to take a read, is that, at the moment, the older posts are the 'cowardly' ones and probably more amusing. I haven't had many bad moments the last few months as I haven't been out as much so have been writing more instructional 'route' stuff.

    Anyway, it's at:


  21. justsomecollegekid

    Well, don't know what you're looking for, but hey, you might be interested by mine. I'm a writer with a renewed passion, trying to see if the literary community might appreciate my writing style. Peace. :)

  22. justsomecollegekid

    Oh, forgot this above, that's

  23. Hello, new to WordPress, but I just came back from D.C. and posted:

    Please check out my reads of the week - I will add your blog to that list!
    First Ladies Dresses
    Pics of D.C.
    Biggest Stack of Books I have ever seen
    Typical day of a working mother

  24. khmeroldiesrevivalgroup

    Hello, please check out my blog about Cambodian music and culture from the 1960's-1970's!

  25. khmeroldiesrevivalgroup

  26. Hi emily,
    i have blog about life as a teen but its new so nothing much.
    I hope you like it.

  27. I write about the ugly truth, everything bad, everything good, and stuff everyone cal laugh at/relate to. It's fun I'm new also!

  28. I paint. Acrylics. Lots of Color. Painting, love and other stuff.

    Thanks!!! :)

  29. :)

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