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I'm New :)

  1. Hey, I've just started out a blog, I'm pretty new to this site! Just found out there was a forum.
    I'm just a fifteen year old girl and I simply love writing. It's truly my escape. tThe way i see it - it's like im in a glass room apart from most people in my school, i see it and I hate the way we all are, I seperate myself.
    I would love to share my blog with people and get comments:)
    Thanks, Angela.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Checking it out right now you sound kinda like me :)

  3. I also write! Good luck with all that you do. And you can check out my blog too, if you want.

    Bolt: Tales of a teenage superhero.

  4. Thanks Christian! It's nice to be in the same boat.

    Flyweel, thank you. I'd love to check out your blog. :)

  5. Hello & Welcome! midnightviolet, = )

  6. Welcome to WP!!
    writing is the perfect escape!!

  7. Newb here as well! Hope everything works out for you. I'm gonna take a peek at your blog!

  8. Also new! I'll show you mine if you show me yours :P

    Just kidding, I'll go look at your even if you don't look at mine.

    Cough cough.


  9. Hello fellow poet! i've been here for about two months now. I totally felt how you felt at one time and now years later...wait no still feel the same at times. Definately checking you out! Don't forget to check mine as well!

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