I’m new and confused

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    So I’m using wordpress.com as a host and downloaded wordpress but do I actually need it since its features are there when I log in on wordpress.com

    I’ve read the installation pieces and what not but I’m lost.

    How do I go about creating a completely custom blog design?

    All I can find to change when I log into wordpress.com is the header or sidebars.





    Tempest19: If you are using wordpress.com, then you don’t need to install anything. The download-and-install instructions is for people who have domains on other hosts. So all you need to do is start blogging ;).

    A completely customized blog design is not possible on wordpress.com. As you have already found out, you can do a little bit of customization for the header and the sidebar.

    For full customization, you will need to purchase a domain from providers such as Dreamhost. In that case, you would need to download and install wordpress according to the instructions on wordpress.org.



    You can host your own site and do what you want to the design there. But that’s only if you know what you’re doing with hosting it yourself. That’s why I don’t host it myself because I’m not a computer genius. But here at WordPress.com, they have real nice templates already available and different ways you can do your sidebar with widgets and stuff.



    Thanks for the help guys.

    I ran a website for a while on Yahoo but am new to blogging so I think I’ll stick with wordpress.com for now until I see some traffic on the blog.

    Thanks again.

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