I’m new and I need help

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    I can’t figure out how to start blogging, I don’t know how to change my page theme or even put something on the page, or edit or delete comments. can someone please help me?

    Thank You sheli82



    Well here’s a link to your Dashboard: http://sheli82.wordpress.com/wp-admin/ That should be the page you see when you log in.

    You can change your theme from there by clicking on teh Presentation link along the top. To write a post, click on the Write link along the top. Comments are under the Comments link along the top as well.

    Hope this helps,



    (1) There are a beginners’ tubetorials here. They demonstrate how to post, edit and how to select themes.
    (2) WordPress.com features page is very useful too.
    (3) drmike our forum Moderator has a pink sticky on FAQs at the head of the forum.
    (4) This is the link to the FAQs blog and there’s a search box you can use there.
    (5) The forum search box is also a treasure trove full of information and it’s going to become your friend in no time at all. ;)
    (6) The tags page will help you find others blogging on the same subjects and using the same category tags. The “tag surfer” and “my comments” tabs on your dashboard will also help you locate bloggers with similar interests.
    (7) And for tips and tricks pertaining to how to promote your blog be sure to visit here.
    Happy Blogging! :)



    How do i contact someone to speak about some phone insurance i bought here with wordpress if you now please contact me at [number edit by TRENT] thanks.


    ……roflmao since when did WP start selling insurance??



    If you have a question, even as crazy as insurance if that is what you think you bought, send a feedback into the staff through your global admin or an email to support at wordpress dot com. On a related note, please do no HIJACK other threads!


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