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    My avatar pic is not showing up when I write comments to others, or on my Facebook display. Also, how can I get my facebook profile on my sidebar?

    Secondly, how can I get RSS feed set up?

    Lastly, I don’t understand Tags v. Tag Cloud. I’ve added some Tag words, but they’re not showing up on my sidebar.




    First, welcome to WordPress. :) Okay, on to your questions…

    1) Avatars can take a while to appear across all of WordPress.com; usually they appear in the forums first, then across other blogs. One problem sometimes is that if they’re larger than the 128 x 128 default, they won’t show, and also if they have transparency… but as I can see your avatar above, I’d say you just have to wait a bit longer and it should come through. If you ever change your avatar and want to test it, we have a thread for it here.

    As for your Facebook status, here’s one way to do it:
    Or you can add a non-javascript badge: http://www.facebook.com/editbadge.php?template=sig

    2) You mean you want to display your blog feed for readers to subscribe to? You don’t have to do anything to set it up; it’s automatic. This should be your RSS feed: http://simplymillennial.com/feed/ All you have to do then is go into Dashboard > Presentation > Widgets and add the Feeds widget into your sidebar. It should display right away.

    3) The tag cloud should display the tags you’ve used in your blog; likewise, the category cloud should do a similar thing with categories. If they’re not showing up it might be that they haven’t been enabled on your blog theme yet (tags are still a pretty new feature), or possibly that you haven’t entered them correctly. Tags are basically the same as categories anyway, so I find it easier just to use categories instead; you have more control over them and how they display. But I’m not an expert on tags, so someone else might be able to cover that question better than I can.

    One last thing: if you’re new, you might like to check out the FAQs. They have basic information for getting started in your blog. There’s a WP blog especially dedicated to this as well which you might want to check out. If you like you can pop into the Off Topic forum and announce your blog in the Plug My Blog thread and any new posts you’ve made in the What Did You Post In Your Blog Today thread. Happy blogging. :)



    I am also new. I just dragged the feed into my sidebar and no feeds are displaying. An error icon shows up and says that no feed was found at that site. any further suggestions?



    Please post a link to your blog so we can see what’s going on and help you better.




    There is no “www” in any wordpress.com urls. The actual url for your blog is http://struggleswithfaith.wordpress.com/

    I do not see any widgets of any description whatsoever in your sidebar for rss feeds or for anything else. Note that all wordpresss.com blogs do have feeds for posts and comments. The easiest way to set this up is to put the meta widget into your sidebar.

    These will help you set up your widgets



    Thanks so much everyone! I’m starting to figure it all out. It’s amazing what no sleep and too much coffee can do to a person’s brain!



    got my question too thanks.

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