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I'm new, looking for great blogs!

  1. Hello! I am new to WordPress, and so far I love it. Blogging is a release and outlet for me mentally and emotionally. I mainly blog for myself, but I respect fellow, and avid bloggers. I like to get feedback and appreciation for my work. So, that's why I'm requesting bloggers to follow my blog, and get to know me as well!

    ** particularly I'm looking for age 18-25 yr.olds. Reason why, I may post explicit content, that may not be suitable for anyone under 18. My Posts will include, music taste, films, travel, writing, LBGT! , etc.( I like girls, so it would be nice to have a good lesbian following, but everyone is welcomed :) ) **

    Check out my blog, get to know me. Personally, I think I'm wonderful :P

    The blog I need help with is

  2. aaroncohenphotography

    I am a photographer who can't put his camera down :)
    Your blog is really interesting! I like it!

    My best photos are here:

  3. i write poetry, take pictures, and post an occasional revelation or rambling...

  4. Hi here is a blog of mine Hamza
    My name is Hamza Niaz Saif (hnsaif).
    My blog covers poetry, photography and some articles about great people of my region.

  5. I am also a photographer, but I love my literature as well.

    La Plume Noire

  6. I have two blogs, my art blog - for my photography, drawings and digital art along with random life stories on occasion, and my anime review blog which I set up the other day.

  7. Have a look at my blog. I write M/M fiction and historical gay fiction. Not too explicit.......yet.

  8. I have a photography blog, I would love if you'd check me out!!

    P.S. i love your background!

  9. dribblingpensioner

  10. "Reason why, I may post explicit content, that may not be suitable for anyone under 18"
    Or over 25 presumably! Lol. I'm 25 + and some of my stuff ( not in my blog) is quite eye popping!

  11. theinsanityaquarium

    Welcome, alexadawn! My name is Anna and I post darkly humorous stories about various whatnot. Come for a visit, and eat a kitten while you're there :)

  12. readytochangenow

    This is one of my favorites that I think you may like - she is about your age.

  13. I'm new too, pretty much having the same experience as you so far, also would really appreciate feedback so I can be better at blogging.

    Also, loved the Kanye West music video you posted... hadn't realized all those music videos synced up before. I may have to work that into my blog one of these days as I love stuff like that.

  14. I'm an unlovable, unkillable cyborg and I write jokes for the internet.

  15. I'm new too, and I started a blog about music. I want to share music and art with great lyrics with other people, which also cherish this kind of music. Peace:)

    Here's the link to my blog...

  16. dribblingpensioner

    @ alexadawn, look no further :)

  17. plasticdaffodils

    I'm 28, does that mean I miss the cut off? I guess it's time to start lying about being younger instead of lying about being older.

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