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I'm new to the blogging world. Feel free to check it out and leave feedback!

  1. My blog is depressing at best right now, but I'm attempting to liven it up - throw some optimism in there. Basically the everyday quarrels of being a young person with a heavy heart. Aside from the content, as I'm sure it's overbearing at the moment, it would be great to have some feedback. I'd love some to hear opinions, whether good or bad, on my writing style and technique.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. roughseasinthemed


    you've got your analysis right, it is depressing :(

    I can understand the writing though, because I have done that too, but, if you want to capture interest, maybe something a bit more zappy as you suggest may help.

    Writing looks ok too.

    Just, there are an awful lot of miserable gloomy young people out there, so something a bit sparkier is needed as well. Then you can add your personal angst.

  3. navywifechronicles

    I have been there too. I suppose I'd like to know more about this place you are writing from, i.e. a relationship, how you met, etc., along with some tags to organize what you're exploring in each post. Raw, emotional posts are touching and may help others going through the same thing and if you are looking for hope or change, write about it. Bring your readers on a journey with you. Hope that helps.

  4. Thank you so much, both of you, your insights are greatly appreciated.

    I love to write, but it feels as though I only write when I'm upset about something - thus the entirely depressing blog, aha.

  5. I liked the story although I have found if I leave cursing out of my posts, I get more traffic. Unless your site is just to vent: then do whatever you like. Sometimes we need to vent wherever we can! I commented.

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