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I'm new to wordpress and it would be awesome to get feedback on my site.


    Thankyou so much

    W. Sharia Robinson

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I like your site. It's easy on the eye! How I wish I had the same positive outlook as you. (I did when I was younger. Keep at it you're doing fine.


  3. @lovingmotherof1,

    I just visited your blog and left you a Comment. You've got a fresh and honest style with your writing -- a joy to read and much to ponder. Also, your photo is wonderfully expressive! Thanks for the invitation to visit.

    May I make one suggestion? Some of us older folks (ahem), especially those of us who are writers (ahem) have a thing about spelling. When I read your radiant words and come upon misspellings here and there, it's a bit like fingernails on a blackboard. A tiny bit more attention to that would only make your great work even better -- and wouldn't detract from your personal style at all. I know it doesn't matter when you do your spoken word, but you might consider it if/when you send in your work to competitions or publications. You are off to a great start!

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