i’m new , whats the whole pointof the gravatar ? and other questions.

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    ok, i’m new to wordpress, i have several questions.

    how many columns can a person add to their page ?.
    what the whole point of using a gravatar ?, i click on some eles gravatar and it does not take me to their blog.
    i love reading other people’s blogs, i’m so new, but i’m figuring it out.

    any fun pointers ?.

    The blog I need help with is ventamatic.wordpress.com.



    The first thing you should do is read this thread and follow the instructions in it:



    How many “columns” is dictated by the theme design. Most have one main column for the posts, but a few others, such as Inuit Types can show two columns of posts. I know there is at least one other that can show multiple post columns, but I can’t remember which it is.

    Gravatars are just a visual image that accompanies your comment. A way to personalize them. Gravatars are not linked to blogs, but if the person has defined a gravatar profile, and the blog has the “hovercard” enabled, then you can see that profile. In general, the person’s username will link to their blog, but again this depends on whether they have chosen to set things up that way. Following are some useful links.




    thanks that helps some


    You’re welcome.



    Gravitar’s are an image you use, Like your Betty Boop to help you define yourself or your site.

    First, I love the name ventamatic. The name is an open invitation. It works.

    Here’s a tip after taking a second look at your site. It’s kind of how imaging happens.

    1. Your site is an extension of part or all of you. I’m in the 8th week. The first 3 weeks I focused on the writing style, the flavor if you will.for me I wanted get some humor into it. You might feel differently about humor and that’s okay too.

    2. Consider what “ventamatic” conjures or evokes in your mind. To me it’s an invitation to share gripes. Jack Black on steriods. You might have a different idea and that’s okay.

    3. Your imagery, the sunflower, looking inward and your question, “Do you remember being held as a baby?” doesn’t exactly invoke venting. Plus these are big questions. Deep stuff.

    to me, your imagery, from Betty Boop to the sunflower and the question don’t invite me to vent or participate.The question does but no I don’t remember, so what I did I do? Moved on. Then I saw the sunflower and I thought,”Well hope you enjoy the view.” and I looked for something else.

    Deep stuff involving big questions will get a niche following. If that’s what you’re looking for you’re doing fine. It has an eclectic kind of appeal working.

    3.b. Have you ever been in a long line inside a bank and just when it’s your turn two tellers go on break? Ventamatic is a Rodney Dangerfield bit titled, “Did I ever tell ya I don’t get any respect…”

    Don’t be afraid to ask the small questions that maybe a wider following can more readily relate. If you want a wider following.

    From a purely marketing/communication perspective IMO, “ventamatic’ is the strongest part of your website. Holy jumpin’ it just screams, tell me about it. It’s an invitation!!! It’s a welcome mat! Frankly, it’s brilliant.

    I would suggest you focus on ventamatic as an invitation and your execution can be anything from the agonizingly confounding such as looking inward at a sunflower and/or coping with a frustratingly bad hair day.

    That’s my 2 cents. Hope you find some value and use there.



    wow “bradthrasher”

    what input, for the moment, my page might not be envoking or anything, i’m just figuring stuff out at the moment.

    i do vent, i vent in both ways, up front and in a fictatiouse way.
    in the fictatiouse way , i actually put my vents in a short story, theres a reason for this, lol, i vent about work. will that work for ventamatic ?.

    what happens if i register another blog instead of a post ?, will it be on my ventamaic one ?.

    and again what great input



    wooops i forgot to check my spelling, its 6:19am here and i’m still half asleep



    Thanks ventamatic. You’re very kind. Ventamatic? Kinda like vegamatic no? It worked too.

    How you vent format wise, is up to you. Play with it. Short stories, a paragraph or even bumper sticker style like this old chestnut,”There’s no such thing as gravity.The earth sucks.”

    Among the wonders of blogging is that you’re not married to or restricted by format.You’re already using video, audio and written word. That’s almost too hip to be real.

    There is a pinging thingy or widget that will cause a post to appear on a linked site within WordPress. I’ll leave that one to thesacredpath or raincoaster or somebody else.

    They’re really the tech savvy first responders around here.

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