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I'm not getting any views?

  1. I started a blog like a week ago and i have really few views. Do you know why that could be?
    Is it too boring or smt?
    How many views do YOU have?

    My Blogs:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you quantify that?

  3. I wouldn't be too worried if you just started it a week ago. Patience!

  4. don't worry i've had mine for like 3 weeks and so far i am to only one reading it...

  5. looks like you started blogging December last year.. I received traffic after 3 months :( so don't rush

  6. I started a blog about 5 weeks ago and about 5 minutes ago I got my 1000th "view". Yeah! Though I don't fully understand what a "view " is or have a sense of if that's a lot or not.

    I'm trying to figure out Google Analytics to get some better data, but a friend of mine told me he thought GA would not work with WordPress blogs. Any info?

    Mr. Teachbad

  7. I have been blogging for about a week and a half and am at 66 views. But keep at it!

  8. YEA!!! i got 35 views in 1 day!

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