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I'm not in any feeders or wordpress topics. for a week now, no one on wordpress

  1. becreativemary

    I have read all of the support topics and can not fix this. I am not in any feeders or topics on WordPress. Its been a week. I had steady traffic, now nothing but my facebook links. Please help, I miss being part of the WordPress community!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ljkjklqljkhwhljkfqjhklfqjlkqjlh

    Is the language of your blog set properly (see article below)?

  3. becreativemary

    The language of my blog is set properly.

  4. ljkjklqljkhwhljkfqjhklfqjlkqjlh

    Okay. I'll flag this for a Staff member to review, since I do not have any interaction with the topic feeds.

  5. becreativemary

    Thank you for that, I've been so frustrated!

  6. ljkjklqljkhwhljkfqjhklfqjlkqjlh

    You're welcome. Hopefully a staff member can help to resolve the issue.

  7. Sorry for the trouble!

    You should reappear by your next post at the latest.

  8. becreativemary

    It is now Monday evening and my posts are still not appearing two days later...Please help. Thanks, Mary

  9. They are appearing properly for me.

    Which tags are you looking under?

  10. becreativemary

    Thanks. I posted last night and finally got feedback! Yay!

  11. You're welcome!

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