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I'm not understanding WordPress

  1. I installed WordPress and MAMP later after I stared and now I have two webpages that are showing me different pages. what am I doing wrong. please get back to me. thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We do not provide support for local installs of on this support forum. This support forum is only for those who have free hosted blogs. You must post to

  3. = wordpress

  4. why am I getting two different pages

  5. when I call the page comes differently than when I call localhost:8888

  6. isn't supposed to be the same when I upload the page?

  7. We cannot help you here at at all. You must post to and if you do not have an account there then click that link and register one on the top right hand corner of that page so you can post to the correct support forum.

  8. YOu also have, which is a different site again, completely independent of your site.

  9. thanks for your response, yes I know and what am trying to do is to upload the one that I created on localhost to I have been doing lots of research to find the answer but still got nothing. What I am looking right now is for a button to upload to what I have done already. do you know where I can find it? or if it even exists! I want to work on my original webpage but I cannot activate the themes there. it is crazy!

  10. Well, as TT has said, that's a WordPress.ORG issue. You will never find the answer for that blog here.

  11. lol... very funny... very funny...

  12. so, can you explain the purpose of having two different ways of posting a web that does not connect with each other? I am very confused!

  13. here, plain and straight without your lol (very funny) remark.

    Please pay attention: there are different flavors of WordPress. this explains them in various levels of detail.

    It does come down to that we cannot help with your installation in this forum.

  14. There are thousands of different web hosts. is one. Localhost is another. There is no reason on the planet that a blog hosted by one company would be connected to one hosted by a different company.

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