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I'm Reaching 100,000 hits on my blog!

  1. owossoharpist2015

    The next time you guys visit my blog, Dinosaurs and The Bible: A Creationist's Fairy Tale, get a good look at the hit counter on the left side of the screen and see that I'm at over 98,000 hits and reaching 100,000 hits! Isn't that a cool achievement or what? to commemorate this upcoming achievement, I’m having a special contest in which the winner will get a special prize package. All are welcome to partake whenever they like. See this post my blog for details on what the prize package is and how to enter.

    With your permission I would like help in spreading the word about my achievement and what I'm doing to celebrate this special achievement on your blogs to get more people to join in the celebration and help me reach 100,000 hits on my blog! Could you do that for me please?

    Once again, thank you so much for all your help in making Dinosaurs and The Bible A Creationist's Fairy Tale a Huge Success!

  2. lettershometoyou

    Deservedly so - what a great blog!

  3. I just learned about the whole 6,000 year myth and the fact that some folks don't believe in dinosaurs via a rather nasty thread on the blog catalog discussion forums. I was absolutely amazed that their were people that didn't believe in dinosaurs.

    The thread turned nasty when folks started assuming that "all" christians thought this, so I was very pleased that you rightly called out that it was an extremist "sect" that thinks this.

    I just gave you another hit. :)

  4. Me too. Good luck!

  5. Congrats. Didn't I see you on the Top Posts list today?

  6. owossoharpist2015

    It should be, but it's not. I've checked to see of I'm in the top post list for today. But unfortunately I didn't find myself in it. That bites. I should be among the top rated blogs of WordPress and have the credits purchased to change my address to But I don't have any credits and I don't have a paypal account to make the purchase. Sad. :(

  7. Why don't you just get one?

  8. owossoharpist2015

    I think I will.

  9. owossoharpist2015

    On second thought, I think I won't due to many problems and serious issues surrounding paypal such as credit card debts and hackers.

  10. Signed!

    And grats...

  11. Hit ya! ;)

  12. PS - PayPal is pretty secure.

  13. owossoharpist2015

    Goal now reached! It's now up to 100,009 hits! So the contest is now closed.

  14. Awesome achievement... way to go... I am still working to get 30K so three times that is very cool :)

  15. congrats. i had a wee look at the blog and it's ace. i'll shush now lest i start going off about creationism myself...hehe. i just ordered 'judgment day: intelligent design on trial,' and i can't wait to see it.

  16. congratulations! no man has been on the 100,000 hits moon before, except cheese.

  17. I'm reaching the dun dun dun..... 6,000 hits mark soon.

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