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im really confused

  1. i have open a topic about 30 min ago,wich was closed with no answer and no reason that i can think of? can any of the admins please explain me why i been shut off? i dont think i have wrote something offensive or wrong,i was just asking for help about the upload limit issue..
    thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This should now be fixed - sorry about that. If it happens again, please let us know.

  3. @kathrynwp The same thing happened to me, a few minutes ago; which was automatically fixed though.

  4. wpgaurav - your earlier posts had been marked as spam by our system but I manually displayed them a few moments ago.

    However, your new post here was marked as spam again. To solve the problem, could you please contact Akismet directly, filling out the form that will appear when you type "spam" in the text field, and choosing "I think Akismet is catching my comments by mistake" from the selections:

  5. I did so. I emailed the Akismet support now. I desperately need this issue to be solved. BTW, already emailed support regarding this issue with screenshots displaying the problem.
    Thanks. :)

  6. kathrynwp - The same issue happened with this post: After which I got really disappointed and leaved writing things at
    Kindly have a look.

  7. wpgaurav - only Akismet can help with this issue - please sit tight and wait for their response. Thanks for your patience.

  8. @kathrynwp ,thank you verry much..i dont really use the forum thing,and i found this verry weird,as i saw others could open topics but when i tried (few times actually) they were closed as soon as they been created i understand that was an issue.i had my answer in the meantime so i dont need to contact anyone now,but at least i know this can happen and its just a system problem :) thanx again

  9. I definitely understand that it's frustrating. Thanks for hanging in there.

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