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I'm signed in but my blog thinks I'm a visitor

  1. I can access my dashboard just fine, write posts, all that stuff. But when I "view site" my blog thinks I'm a visitor and requires my name for comments. Also, there is no "edit post" link, even when I am definitely signed in. How can I fix this?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Best bet would be to try this:

    1) logout of
    2) Clear your browser cache (F5 key will do a forced refresh in most browsers)
    3) Log back in and try it again.

    It seems like it might be a browser cache/cookie issue and that should sort it out.


  3. Sherri

    It's possible that the "edit post" link isn't part of the theme. I don't know the theme you're using so can't so can't say for sure.

    FIrst thing I would try is to log out, clear the history, cookies and cache in your browser and try logging in again to see what happens.

  4. Well, duh. That was too easy! I cleared my browser cache, and now my blog (using Thirteen) recognizes me just fine, and there's even an edit link. I guess I missed that little trick somewhere along the line.

    Thanks a lot, Trent and Cornell, for your quick reply.

  5. Pleasure, glad you got it sorted. :)

  6. For sure! Come back and ask us anytime!


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