i’m sorry for a FAQ, but how do you put a different image in the header

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    i’m sorry! but i searched the F.A.Q and the forum and could’t find a similar Q. so how do you add an image to the header of the default wordpress theme? there is a button for “header image and color” but when you go there you can only change the color.



    You can’t post your own image, you can simply change the colour of that theme. In order to get full customization of themes you need to get paid hosting for your blog.


    Importing to WP from Blogger was a snap, thanks.

    How difficult is it to d/l WP and host it myself?

    I want to use my photo for the header.

    I already have the domain name and the hosting provider.



    So which is it? Do you desire to add a custom header to your WP.com blog as this thread seems to indicate?

    This thread indicates your have downloaded WP software from WP.org and have paid for an own hosted blog.

    If the later is the case the codex will give you more info on everything from installing your software to any and all customization of it. In addition questions regarding paid hosting WP.org blogs should be directed here.


    Thanks for the reply, Marc.
    It looks like I will have to puzzle out the self-hosting mysteries, if I want to use my own photo for a header.



    Michael – for your self-hosted version there is a whole different support section over at wordpress.org




    Your webspace provider should also be providing support as well if not have some form of autoinstaller for you to use.



    Speaking of picture in WP default theme… When are you, please, going to offer it? (just one, tiny…). I don’t want to change blog host just to liven up my simple blue theme. You’ve offered us great widgets lately. What is the problem with one simple jpeg image?



    Means allowing uploading. That’s a security issue.



    “Means allowing uploading. That’s a security issue.”

    Please. If configured properly, there is no security risk at all. Poooor excuse. If that’s what they’ve told you, I’m disappointed. I would *very much* like to use WordPress.com, but it is awfully hard without allowing custom headers. In fact, I am beginning to wonder if that’s exactly why WordPress.com does NOT allow the custom headers. I truly think AutoMattic does NOT WANT a crush of new users that header customization would cause.

    Surely, there is more vision at Automattic than to not allow custom headers and blame it on “security.” Come on, Toni, step up to the plate!!



    Privacy, uploading headers is different than uploading themes.

    We’re not trying to drive away users. Why are you calling out Toni?



    If configured properly, there is no security risk at all.

    Also you know that this is not true.



    hey it’s free! just change the color or get a host. no big deal.



    Why is uploading a .jpg for a theme picture less secure than uploading a .jpg for inclusion in a post?


    yes, not being able to upload your own imageheader is really annoying. it’s like writing a book but not being allowed to chose your own bookcover by the publishing company. i’m leaving.



    The Magnificent Distance:

    Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service. Free Service.

    How many times does it have to be said?




    I didn’t want to unleash such bitter arguments with my query. This is what I’ve done to add a little something (picture) to the default thème. In the right-hand column, position the “Links” widget just below “pages” or right at the top if it is allowed (can’t remember). Insert a mock link starting with A (it will stay at the top, this way). Add a picture to the link. And there you are! Not right in the masthead, but high enough to be seen and add a little personalisation to your default theme. I am happy with it. (want to see? http:techbee.wordpress.com. For link name, i chose the @. That’s why my mail sits on top on the picture.



    Actually most book covers decisions are made by the publishing house, not by the author.

    The issue with not being able to change your header probably lies in not being able to modify your html theme. Remember, we all share the themes across the servers. If a change is made, it affects all those using the same theme.



    Could someone with Automattic explain how uploading a header image is somehow less secure than allowing images to be uploaded for inclusion in a post?

    And no, it’s NOT a matter of wanting full HTML customization. Typepad, for instance, allows no HTML customization on its most basic plan, but you CAN upload a custom header. So, it’s not necessary to allow for full HTML customization to allow a custom header. Basic.

    Why “call out” Toni? Is he not the CEO?

    Let’s talk about “free.” I am so tired of using free services and then, when there’s a problem, being reminded it is free. Is it really? Yahoo is free, Google is free…..can we not complain and offer suggestions or come up with exotic theories about why something is being done? WordPress.com (Automattic) is no different. The fact is, Writely (the online word processor) is also “free” but was purchased by Google for HUGE bucks. So, my (and many others) participation with that “free” service helped the Writely team become very wealthy. The economic paradigm has changed. Whether or not one pays for a service offered publicly on the Internet has nothing to do with anything.

    Back on topic: custom headers would not be a security threat and not allowing custom headers appears to be a way to stop a huge crush on the service as it kicks off (knowing it would keep many users away). There’s just no other reason to not allow custom headers. None. Just ask Typepad.

    There’s still great hope for WordPress.com, but it will have to become more responsive to the obvious desires of many on this (and other) issues.



    That is the second time in this thread you have expressed the nearly identical screed. If you are so set on having a personal header image and are unhappy with WP.com the solution is easy isn’t it?

    If you are just as unhappy about the response you receive from the developers of this product the same solution is available to you.

    See ya… bye now.

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