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I'm suffering from Acute Comment Deficiency syndrome.

  1. Manu finds his broken love while he was roaming in central plaza. This makes him sad and drives his memories to the good old days when he used to be with his girlfriend. He finds his life has been scattered. The very next day, his girl friend meets with an accident and gets admitted into the hospital where he was working as a house surgeon. He had not expected this and just couldn't believe this and his agony what happened next ?.....Will she die ? or Will she love him again.....

    to know this you have to read the blog from the first post..

    Author is suffering from Acute Comment Deficiency syndrome. So please help him recover from the disease. So appropriate dose of comments required to make him healthy.....

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ok just for making me laugh reading the last line of that,i got tempted to read your work,ill leave you some feedback,to get you off the ground,kinda in desperate need of some myself,seems there is a comment or lack there of fever spreading on wordpress

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