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I'm the only one who can't see my site.

  1. I had this problem before. When I made my mistake of deleting my blog I asked WordPress to put it back up again. They did. I Already have te domain for 2 years and the nameservers are pointed to the 3 WordPress ones. I tried viewing my site via firefox rather than Safari. I don't know but could it be a problem because I had switched the nameservers but then I switched back. I can view if I switched to the "" URL.
    I submitted this to support and I wanted to see if this is faster.
    Thanks and hope You can help!

  2. Easier to help with links to the un-mapped URL and the mapped one. Please give us those links starting with http.

  3. what do you mean exactly?

  4. Give us a link to your new domain name. Give us a link to your OLD domain name, the one with in it. We need to look at BOTH.

  5. yeah neva mind I got it all figured out (;

  6. Any ways I do believe your in the wrong forum anyways since your nickname
    is linked to a self hosted website.

    Correct forum >

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