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Im thinking of self hosting using a guided trasfer , do i pay for hosting first?

  1. I'm looking to switch over to a self hosted blog , i'm wondering about at which point i would pay for hosting and the type of interface i would be using, i'm more than likely going to go with host gator.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You need to get hosting before you have a destination to transfer things into. There are host recommendations over at WordPress.ORG.

  3. Here is the list:

  4. much appreciated, i have another question ,what if i had signed up for a domain name with already?

  5. ,what if i had signed up for a domain name with already?

    Not a problem - you just point the name servers to your new host -

  6. so when signing up with my new host i would enter the already existing domain and the "happiness" engineers would take care of the rest ?

  7. There is some configuration of your host - can't remember what it is, but the host can help - fairly simple if I remember correctly - then yes one of the Staff takes it from there - I would expect the staff would have some questions and information you will need to give them to do the transfer

  8. thank you , you've been a great help

  9. Yu be welcome & good luck

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