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I'm totally down

  1. (:<)
    I use to like this girl like anything.. Although I knew her very little.. But yesterday I realized that she is not going to talk to me anymore.. I feeling hell.. I'm almost all out of gas.. unable to do nothing.. :'( Getting psyched.. I evidenced that I'm fully gone nuts is, I'm posting this here.. I dont know what to do.. (;-;)

  2. well how come she wont talk to you anymore? I dont think you said anything to offend her,but did she say why she wont talk to you anymore?

  3. women! you will never figure them out, we have cycles that is off the chart i say miss her but dont dwell on her, i am sure there is a lot more females for you to enjoy just lift your head first you will see them :):):) if you were close i would take you out for some laughs :):):)

  4. Humans aren't worth going nuts over :P

  5. :( I'm not sure if this feeling is because she is a female.. or is it just i'm missing another human.. I cant say how i know that she is no longer going to deal with me.. :(.. sry guys.. i posted here because i was so much f'ed up yesterday and I hardly have anyone in my physical world whose shoulder i can use to cry.. I was so much loaded with mixed negative emotions.. even now.. :( ..sry again..

  6. Although thanks guys.. Thanks mssjackie..

  7. these things can be very hard to deal with. I hope things do get better. Sometimes females just need to take a break for a while when things get really stressed. She may come back later. Just hope for the best for you.


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