I’m unwantedly appearing in search engines, help please!

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    I have elected in my dashboard/options/privacy settings to Not be detected by search engines. Search engines should be blocked, normal visitors allowed. Now, when I Google my blog to check this, it appears. It is listed in Google. Why is this? Is there any way to change this? For the record I have elected this setting since I made the blog, at no point has my privacy setting been ticked to allow search engines. I really DO NOT want search engines to track and trace me,], but I don’t want to have to make my entire blog private as I can only allow (for free) up to 35 visitors then. Which is ridiculous in comparison to the volume of readers I have. Still, this search engine issue is making me really paranoid. How to stop it?



    It’s dependent on when you ticked the box to block the search engines. If you made lots of posts before you ticked the option then the search engines will have cached the content.



    As I said, I didn’t. My blog has been set to block search engines from the very start, from before I ever even made one single post. So I really don’t know what to do. :-(



    First off, you need to ask ask Google to remove you from their index. The code that stops Google from indexing your page is present and correct in your template, so I don’t know how this happened. You could send a feedback asking whether anything went wrong on the technical side, but then that doesn’t give you any assurance the same thing won’t happen in future.

    If you’re really that desperate not to be traceable, you can’t rely on metatags to protect you. The internet is a public place, and if anyone is reading your blog at all there will be links to it on other sites out there. If you must post things you’re not happy with the whole world reading, and you can’t put it behind a password, lie about your name, location, and any other personal details that might identify you.



    Wank has given you good advice. Now I’ll give you some more. I have looked at the category tags that you give your posts and noted that several are sex related. Ditch them all. Private blogs don’t need category tags. If you continue to use category tags then your blog posts will continue to be in the google cache.

    You may also benefit from reading Mark’s remarks in this thread https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=6775&page&replies=39#post-48655



    Just for reference, the poster is also showing up in MSN in addition to Google.

    I disagree with the “Not needing categories” suggestion. If the blog in question is marked as “not wanting to be in search engines,” the posts don’t show up in the tag system. (At least they’re not suppose to.) YOu still need categories with your blog if you want to sort your posts. I would go ahead and request a mature setting via feedback if you haven’t already though.

    One thing I would do right away is remove the URL for your blog from your profile here in the forums and within your blog side account. For the forums, click that View your profile link at the upper right of this page. For your blog side account, it’s Dashboard -> Users -> Your profile.

    I see 2 pages indexed within MSN and Google, your home page and a single page within your blog. You’re being linked to from other sites without the other sites using either noindex or nofollow within their links. There’s not really anything you can do in this case outside of what you’ve already done.



    Thanks guys, gosh it all seems to have gotten so complicated :S And my paranoia has only grown. There is of course no real information about me on the blog, I keep my personal whereabouts and details private. But the things I write about are pretty specific… I dunno, maybe it’s best after all to completely privatise my blog. I guess I’ll have to think about this.

    I’ll try remove the URL in the way you described drmike. Thanks

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