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I'm very new to wordpress and need readers!

  1. Hi all,

    First of all, I need a few wordpress readers, because I think it's lame to import my blog here only for it to remain dull and lifeless like the 'before' segment of a hair commercial.

    Second, I'd appreciate any tips on how to efficiently import my blog. The way I'm doing it seems like a lot of effort!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. (1) We all need readers.
    Blog Promotion Basics
    Twenty five steps to increase blog traffic

    (2) You have said: "I'd appreciate any tips on how to efficiently import my blog."
    How can anyone answer that until you say which blogging platform your blog is currently on and what you are currently doing?

  3. OK, it's on blogger. However, it doesn't seem to import automatically.

  4. You have to export the contents out of your blogspot blog before you can import it into your blog at Have you done that?

    Also note if you are importing content and have a large amount of media, you may wish to contact support

  5. How to export your blog contents out of your blogspot (blogger) blog (1) Sign into Blogger -> Dashboard
    (2) Click "Settings & Basic" and you will see 3 links: import blog, export blog, delete blog.
    (3) Click "export blog" and Blogger will create an xml file for you to save to your desktop.

    How to import your XML file into
    (1) Sign into
    (2) Follow these instructions

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