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image´s question

  1. I´m having a problem uploading photos I have taken with my camera, when I do it the name of the picture changes to "OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA".

    Is there a way I can fix that?

    If its too much of a deal, I discovered that changing those pictures (in jpeg format) to .gif the name of them stays. Will there be any inconveniences to upload gif instead of jpgs?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. After uploading, but before inserting an image, you can change the title and alternate text. Upload an image and see if that is being inserted into the "title" field by default. If it is, edit it before you insert the image.

    On existing images, open the post or page in the editor, click on the image, then click on the edit image button and you will be able to edit the title and alternative text.

    Make sure and include alternative text as the search engines will not index images that do not have alternative text specified.

  3. Yes, the title is changing by default. It will be a problem for me to edit them because there will be tons of photos.

    Should I change them to .gif instead? I downloaded a software to convert multiple photos.

  4. The issue is that the camera has put that information in as a "title" and wordpress is just using it.

    Basically you always want to edit the title and alternative text when you insert an image since those are two more ways to get the attention of search engines. The two should be different, or at least the same thing worded differently, and the third way to get the search engine's attention is with the file name. Never leave it as the stock camera file name. Always give it a descriptive, but short file name.

  5. GIFs and PNGs are not good for photographic images for a couple of reasons. First, they are not a compressed format which means the file sized will be considerably larger than JPGs. Secondly, they really do not work well for photographic images. They are really meant more for graphic type images without gradations like a photograph has.

  6. Ok, thanks. And about the .gif format? Its ok for photos?

  7. Ok, so I am kind of trapped. Because I cant change the name of multiple photos with the jpeg format.

    I guess I will have to use gif anyway.

  8. At least in the pictures I have already taken with my camera.

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