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    When I post images to a new draft page headed Photo Gallery, they do not align neatly and the alignment buttons do not seem to always work.

    The blog I need help with is



    Set the first image to align “left”. Set all the image alignment on all other images to “none”



    Thanks for the reply but they still do not align. One always goes on top of another. Or it works for two or three images only.


    Image alignment also depends on whether you want images arranged in rows or not, as well as on their relationship with the text. Your complaint is very vague: please publish the page in question and link to it so we can see what you’re trying to do and what the problem is.



    Thanks for reply. Managed to get four photos to stack one above the other but too big. See
    We really wanted a dozen thumbnails in rows that we could click on to enlarge and insert a slideshow.


    The easiest way to insert a group of thumbnails neatly arranged in rows and columns is the WP gallery feature:

    The gallery will display all the images you upload or have uploaded to the post. You can delete those four images from the post, upload the rest without inserting them, then switch the editor to HTML and write this, if you want your thumbnails in 3 columns:


    Or this, if you want them in 4 columns:

    [gallery columns="4"]

    You may need to go to Settings>Media and adjust the default width for thumbnails. In the theme you’re using, default thumbnail width should be around 160 (for 3 columns) or around 125 (for 4 columns).



    OK thanks to you the Photo Gallery is now up and running.
    Much obliged, I could not have done it without your kind help.

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