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image and column same width - sight theme!

  1. Hi There,

    I'm a bit of a newbie with wordpress and can not get my head around something.

    I want my images and column to be the same width!

    I have the CSS upgrade!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you talking about on your main page? What did you want to do with the accompanying text on that page?

    Can you give me a little more on what you want things to look like?

  3. Thanks for getting back!

    I am happy with the main/home page, that's all fine!

    For example:

    When I have written a post, i'm not happy with the way the picture is not the full size of the column, there is a gap on the left hand side slightly. I wish for the picture to be the full size of the column.

    Is there any way I can change this on the Sight theme.


  4. The gap at the left is so that on smaller width screens, or when a browser window is narrowed, the content of the main column does not rest right up against the left browser window/screen border making it hard to read. Narrow down your browser window and you will see why that gap is there. In some responsive width themes, this margin at left and right to keep a little white space between the borders/screen edges is handled differently.

    This code can be used to adjust the gap at left, but do check by narrowing your browser window down to see what I mean about the spacing. You can take it all the way back to 0 (zero) if you wish.

    body.single .entry-header, .entry-header, body.attachment .entry-header, body.single .entry-content, .entry-content, body.attachment .entry-content, body.single footer.entry-meta, body.attachment footer.entry-meta {
    padding-left: 2.5em;
  5. Perhaps take it back to 1em from 2.5 and see what you think.

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