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    My level of frustration has driven me to resort to this message board. Why is it so difficult to simply type a page or post, insert a photograph and have it actually appear as it does in the visual editor. Instead, the text reformats itself so that I have no ability to creat a nice looking, seamless post or page. For instance – I type some text. then insert an image so that it is part of the text and it ALWAYS moves the text BELOW the image. This is so simple in Blogger, why can’t WP do this as well. I am at my wits end. I really want to use WP, but, so far it’s like driving a mac truck down a two rut road!!! And BTW WordPress is NOT intuitive or user-friendly at all.

    The blog I need help with is


    Have a look at this page and in particular the last part of the advice:

    Particularly take note of this advice at the bottom:

    Go to Settings -> Writing screen and check the box that says WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically. This setting tells WordPress to automatically fix code errors that would normally break your layout.



    Instead of generalities, link to a post with the issue in question please so we can check and tell you what’s wrong.




    Thanks TT, but I’m afraid we can’t tell much when there’s only one line of text and a deleted image, can we? The OP will have to try something more substantial.





    None of the advice worked. Back to Blogger I go.


    And FYI to ALL. The Windows Writer does exactly the same thing. I type the words, I insert the image and ALL the text reformats BELOW the image with no text integrated on the side of the image.



    Then good luck at Blogger.



    @lessismorehouse: Try a new post please, making sure you set the image alignment to left or right.


    Justpi – Thanks – I will try that.

    Raincoaster – Thanks for the snarky sendoff. Rather than give some constructive help. SO much for the WP Community.


    Made sure image was set to left allignment. Does the same thing. Either I am an idiot or WordPress has text/image formatting issues. Man, this is frustrating!



    I think you want it to look like this post, is that right? So the text is sort of, well… hugging the photo?

    I just changed it for another post, this one so I can see what I really do. Since the photo and text were already there, I clicked to edit the post, clicked on the HTML tab, and then edited the photo from image align=”aligncenter” to align=”alignleft” – I switched to the Visual tab, it looks as I want it to, I previewed and updated.

    When I’m creating a new post, I upload the image, and then make sure I switch to the HTML tab, and start typing. (If I don’t, the text ends up as part of the caption…)

    It works. I don’t know enough to know if it is theme related (I use Twenty Eleven) but… it works.

    Now… I think the reason it isn’t working in your new post bazillion example is that you don’t have any word breaks, you have looooooooooooooong lines of letters, and it is keeping them together. Break up the lines into smaller groups of lll llllll llllll and see if it works.



    Sensuousinkspiller is right: this time the image code is correct, and the text would have wrapped around if there was room enough, but the 100-character-long ‘words’ you’ve used are longer than the available space. When you make tests you must make realistic tests.


    SENSUOUSINKSPILLER Thank yoooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
    I have proven that I am, indeed, a technical idiot. I should have know that typing loooooooooooooooong words would not work. I typed a regular paragraph and voila’ – problem solved. Now, if I can just work through the other issues that come with a pretty steep learning curve, I might make it. Anyway. Thanks Again



    For future reference:
    image alignment


    You’re welcome! I know what you mean about that learning curve being so steep – I’m getting shinsplints from some of it. Good luck!



    I’m having the same problem regardless of what I do. I follow the instructions but every time I try to align an image to the right, it stays on the left and the text is either above or below it. Check out a sample here:

    The HTML says aligncenter.

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions!



    Sorry, meant to put that it says alignright, not aligncenter.



    Hello there,
    You are posting to the wrong support forum. You need to post here as this forum is only for free hosted sites and that site is not being hosted by vs The Differences

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