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    I was quite chuffed and feeling clever after I managed to upload a few pictures into my blog. But once I hit “send to editor” they appear in my write page, but magnified tremendously. Obviously, I’d like the picture to be smaller than the width of type, but haven’t figured out how to do that.
    I don’t have photoshop so I don’t have a tool to resize the image. It is only 1.2 MB.
    What am I doing wrong?


    After you upload it, just resize it by dragging in the sides and corners. Another blogger had this same issue just now, the thread is here if you’d like to read it –



    Only 1.2 MB? You need to optimize your photos. Take a look at this photo of mine, 500px wide, and only 39K.

    I do have Photoshop Elements, the baby sister, which has a wonderful Save for Web feature, but there are free, online photo editors that can help you achieve smaller file sizes. There’s just no need for files in megabytes that are displayed on monitors.



    Here is a list of online sites where you can resize images



    Plenty of free software to resize as well. The GIMP is hugely powerful and free. You can do it in Paint in Windows as well.


    I found several free ones in wordpress faq’s after following vivian’s link. They are listed here:

    You can use these to resize your images for free instead of buying a software like photoshop


    Ok, I have finally done it! This seems a bit unnecessarily complicated, so if I’m doing something goofy, please let me know.
    I guess that 1.2 mb for a picture size does seem small to me, since I’m used to working more with print from digital photography. I do know, though, that onscreen images can have a much lower resolution, so I’m on board with that.

    As per dissfunktional’s recommendation, I figured out how to resize my huge image on the write screen page, and that looked great. Come to discover then, that what actually appears in the blog is a link to the image, not the image itself. I couldn’t figure out how to change that.

    After going through a bunch of these sites to resize images (a few wouldn’t work on mac, one said my image was too large to begin with, some would just time out and get me nowhere) I finally resized my picture on down to 100 x 75 pixels. I loaded the new image, which appeared correctly sized in both the edit page and the actual blog page. So hurrah for that.

    But am I missing something?


    If images are over 2000 px in the longest dimension, the “thumbnail” option will not appear when you send it to the editor:


    Ok, thanks. That makes sense then.

    One more question on this and I swear I’ll settle down!
    What do most people do with their pictures then? Do you automatically go through the resizing process first? Do you end up then having two versions of every picture on your hard drive? Or do you have your cameras set for much smaller pictures?



    I shoot at the lowest resolution with maximum compression. I resize before I upload. I usually have just one copy on the hard drive, but I don’t delete the original until the post with the edited one is published. Just in case. Works for me. :)

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