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image appears in unwanted 'box'.

  1. I am trying to use a .gif image of a suit symbol on my blog. In the visual display it looks fine, but when it is actually posted, it appears in a shadowed box. Is there something in the code below that is making it do that?

    <img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1547" title="s" src="" alt="s" width="13" height="11" />

    Otherwise, I don't understand why I am having this problem.

    Thanks, Cathy

  2. You mean it's the first time you notice that? That's the way images are displayed in the theme you're using.

    Are you sure you need a gif? Wouldn't plain html do? The spade in html is:

    (But you'll need to make its size bigger.)

  3. Oh, I see....I hadn't connected how my pics are displayed with the suit pics....dumb. I am using html suit symbols at the moment but they are really lousy looking:

    So, I am thinking of pics instead. But I guess I'll just stick with lousy looking but much easier!

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