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    Is is possible to have a picture as Site Title?
    How do I insert this?
    Or is this a CSS-thing (and which statement do I have to use in the latter case?)



    Your theme is a premium theme and we Volunteers answering questions on this forum have no knowledge of how they are designed to operate. For all we know that could be included in the them,e but i doubt it is. When you purchased your premium theme what came with that purchase was support directly from the theme designer in the Premium Theme Support Forum. There is a link for the specific Premium Theme support forum under Appearance -> Themes in your blog’s Dashboard



    Is this possible with a blog that is using a non-premium theme?

    My site is



    If you have purchased an annually renewable custom design upgrade you may be able to do this by CSS editing.


    Many free themes support header images, some don’t. Obviously you need the Custom Design upgrade to add a header image to the latter, you don’t need it for the former. Of the former, some have the blog title inside the image area and some outside. In the first case there’s an option to hide the regular blog title; in the second, you need the Custom Design upgrade to hide it.



    The theme in question is Twenty Ten.

    So how do I CSS this?


    @inkutrecht, it all depends on the image, what size it is and other stuff.

    Create the image in a size appropriate for the space available, upload it to your media library and then post the URL of that image here so that we can work on the code.


    Also note that if we give you the code to twenty ten, it is highly unlikely to work with the premium theme you were using. CSS is theme specific.

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