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    i’m using Oulipo on these two themes: (don’t use the css upgrade for this theme) (no css upgrade)

    first of all, i simply love the new theme, it’s exactly what i was waiting for :) but there’s one thing that makes me wonder if it’s on purpose or not, and that’s the way images are positioned.

    every image is automatically centered, which won’t allow to put two or more smaller images side by side. using the gallery function is no option, since i need full control over size and position of the images. please take a look at this post with images, of which the first two were sitting side by side with all other themes i had before. now every post with this layout is destroyed.

    the opposite is with images with captions. they won’t center until i put them in <div align="center"></div> tags, and as soon as i edit the post (no matter if WYSIWYG or HTML) it’s just `<div></div> and they sit on the left again.

    i really hope the automatic centered images are not considered a plus of this theme and you consider to change it back to “normal” behaviour, because imho they just hinder the user’s ability to style a post as he sees fit. that’s espacially sad since Oulipo is in every other aspect just perfect for photo heavy blogging.

    oh, and sorry if something makes no sense, my english isn’t the best…

    The blog I need help with is


    For the images to sit side by side, the alignment must be set to left: in your example the two images are set to alignnone.
    Also, for the images to sit side by side, there must be room enough: you have inserted them at a width of 194 and 180px, the sum of which exceeds the available width of the main column (353px).

    And I can’t confirm what you’re saying about captioned images: if you set the alignment of a captioned image to center, it’ll be centered.



    thank you for checking my problem!

    the first two images are 194px in width, so there is plenty of space to put 2 of them side by side since there’s 480px width of the post field. and i don’t want text to flow around images (there’s enough posts with smaller images and text) so align left isn’t helping me.

    before i switched to Oulipo i had chaotic soul for the ninblogs blog, and this is what it looks like with the unchanged html code pasted into my testblog with chaoric soul:
    that’s how it looks with alignnone, so that’s not the problem.

    besides that, every other theme i ever had allowed me to decide myself if i wanted images centered or not and to put them side by side, that this one behaves as it does comes as a huge surprise for me.


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    No alignnone is correct. Set the pair in a centered paragraph:
    `<p style=”text-align:center;”>PICTURES</p>


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    Oh, wait, that didn’t work.



    1tess, also thanks to you. the <p> styling doesn’t help, either, i just tried it. besides that i really like to know why this theme’s coded to limit the user’s ability to place images as one likes without going into the html and most of all, as one’s used to. even if i have a html code that will do what i need to position the images as they where always positioned – i have 1583 posts to check. no way i’m going to do that!

    i think the problem is in the css:

    .entry img {
    	border: none;
    	margin: 1.5em auto 0 auto;
    	display: block;

    “display: block” seems to be the bad boy, and even though i have a css upgrade with one blog, it won’t help the second one. or other users who also wonder why they can’t position their images as they like.

    @ panaghiotisadam
    i just checked again the images with captions, you are right, they center without any html tweaking. and i’m 100% sure they didn’t when i tried yesterday morning. whatever, one point less to cry about ;)


    • For a pair of images side by side with no text wrap afterwards, you need to set their alignment to left and paste this after the second image code:
    <br style="clear:both;" />
    (Alternative: table coding.)

    • As I already mentioned, the main column width in Oulipo is 353px, not 480px.

    • But anyway alignnone shouldn’t result in centering. You should report this to staff so they fix it:



    Quick Specs (all measurements in pixels):

    1. Main column width is 480, sidebar is 176.

    this is straight from here:


    Sorry, Quick Specs are wrong: main column is 353, sidebar is 132. I have measured all themes myself:



    please stop debating about it, 480px is right.


    Ah, we’ve got a more serious problem! As I mention in my post on image width, I’ve tested themes using Safari. You get the “right” thing in Firefox or Chrome, but check how your post looks in Safari (latest version):

    Please don’t delete your test post so I can link to it when I notify staff about this issue.



    no problem, the testpost will stay till the problem’s solved. will you alert them also to this thread, please? maybe all problems here can be solved without splitting it up on several staff members.


    Hi Xanthippe. Thanks for pointing out that issue. It should be resolved now and images working as expected.

    Panaghiotisadam, I’ve replied back to your support email but I can’t seem to reproduce the odd column sizing in Safari. Let us know if you’re still seeing it.



    thanks for fixing it, themeshaper! all posts with side by side images look now just as they should, and i can decide by myself if i want it centered or not :)

    just a quick question: is the now visible line to hint for linked images under the images intentional? check what i mean here:
    since the theme’s so clear and elegant, and the frames got deleted to support that look, i wonder if that could be fixed, too. sorry if this looks like me just complaining – i can live with the lines under the images, if i need to. it’s just a thought crossing my mind ;)


    Hi, Xanthippe. The lines under linked images are indeed intentional.



    then all is well and i’m quiet happy with the look and feel of this new theme :)

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