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image border

  1. this question was asked before but for someone not on so, sorry if this seems repetitive.

    i am trying to upload photos without an image border. i have the image border set at 0 and it looks fine in the preview. but when i save it and view it on my page, there is a border around every picture.

    here is the link:

    any help would be fantastic!

  2. I think you'll find that your border 0 is either being stripped by the editor or it is being overriden by the CSS defined on your theme.

    Which editor are you using? If you're using the Rich Text Editor, try switching it off.

  3. i have been switching between visual and code. can i override the CSS on the theme?

  4. Only by purchasing the CSS upgrade I'm afraid.

  5. sigh. that's what i was afraid of. thanks for your help!

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