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Image Border

  1. Hello. The feature enabling the addition of a border to an image seems to have disappeared (previously found under the "advanced" tab when editing an image on a page or blog). Is this feature now no longer available at all (which would be a disappointment) or is there another way of doing this, please? Thanks in anticipation of your help. Russell

    The blog I need help with is

  2. manuschwendener

    Yes, I am looking for this, too! This used to work!!!

    (Getting so sick of services removing features that worked just fine.)

  3. manuschwendener

    Actually I want to use it to _remove_ the border around the pictures, but it was at the same place. Now I can't find 'advanced' at all, can you?

  4. There's horrifically long thread that may contain an answer for you here Apparently a plugin has been developed to restore what we lost but when it will be implemented is unknown at this time

  5. manuschwendener

  6. Yes indeed it does and I have been hard pressed not to publish a rant on this "upgrade" that has created such havoc. ;)

  7. manuschwendener

    Well, you just spared _me_ an enormous rant, thank you again. It worked!

    Copying the solution here for others to find.

    Add style="border:0" to the image tag in the Text Editor:

    <img style="border:0" class=... />

  8. Thanks for the advice ...but the link refers to the use of plug-ins; as a user I cannot cannot install these. Reading the thread referenced by "timethief" suggests that the border function is now no longer available to users ...and that's a shame :(

  9. @russellthetuba
    Th thread I referenced is about Staff here at installing a plugin into this mulituser blogging platform that will restore all the advanced image editing functions we bloggers had before again.

    In the meanwhile try what manuschwendener posted at

  10. @timethief
    Thanks for the quick response but despite following the instructions provided by "manuschwendener" (ie in the Text Editor add <img style="border:0" class=... />) I still do not have a border. I must be doing something wrong :(

  11. manuschwendener

    Yes: you need to write <img style="border:1" class= ... /> to get a border with a width of 1 pixel. Change the 1 to another number if you want the border to be wider. The 0 is to _remove_ the border.

  12. russellthetuba

    @manuschwendener and @time thief
    Adding the code "style="border:1" wasn't working; then I worked out that by adding "style="border: 1px solid black" I was able to place a border around the picture. I hope this helps others with the same problem. Thank you both for your prompt and excellent advice. Russell :)

  13. manuschwendener

    glad to see you got it to work :)

  14. @russellthetuba
    Yay! Thanks for sharing that good news.

  15. Hi there,

    Just an update, I have great news.

    Our developers have added border and margin options to the Advanced Options as seen in the screenshot below:

    Cheers and Happy Blogging!

  16. russellthetuba

    Wow! That's an impressive turnaround in response to a query on the forum. Thank you! Russell

  17. manuschwendener

    Thank you.

  18. YAY!

  19. @rootjosh great news, really. Thank you! :)

  20. Believe me, I was glad to see it as well.

  21. Merci beaucoup, l'attente a été longue mais on y arrive !!

  22. I was playing with a multi-column plugin and thought that it had dumbed down the image border & image margin functionality. Now, I see that this was intentionally taken out of Advanced image editing. Is someone intentionally trying to sabotage WordPress?

  23. As of today (May 7) Advanced Options for image (in The Journalist v1.9 Theme) don't yet allow me to alter border settings or margins. Given that these options seem essential for good page layout, I can't imagine why they were removed in the first place. I've had to resort to copy-n-pasting the source code from images on earlier posts - so I hope these advanced options are restored soon.

    (*Small* thumbnail images for "related posts" is another option recently removed - although that's another thread/topic).

  24. Those advanced image options are now back in place for me. That was very fast. Thanks (to whoever was paying attention) for the update.

  25. Great to hear!

  26. @rootjosh, I am not getting the "pencil" and "x" options in the right corner of my images in the new editor, so I can't seem to get to the advanced edit options. Can you help me understand why this may be? Thank you, Kimberly

  27. @kchesser

    What site are you working on? What browser are you using?

  28. @rootsjosh

    The site isn't yet live, but I can provide you with access to it if you'd like. (how can I get secure login information to you?)

    I've opened it using Chrome and Firefox to see if this made a difference; both of these have given me the same result. I'm also not able to drag the image and size it from the corners as some other folks referenced earlier in this string.

  29. @rootjosh

    I could also do a screenshare with you as an option, if this would help. Thank you, Kimberly

  30. @kchesser
    Will you please post the URL of the exact blog your refer to? Then please post a screenshot. You can use to share screenshots. Or you can use the guide I linked to and upload it to your Media Library, and return to this thread to provide the file name so Staff can examine it.

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