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    I have my image widget on the right side of my page and my image shows up with its caption, but my words are cut off. I have tried all the different alignments and each of them cut off my caption’s text in some way. I even tried re-uploading the image, and the problem persists. Hope something can work out! Thanks for reading!

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but your blog is private and without being able to see your blog we Volunteers can’t help with this.



    The caption is cut off because the image itself is cut off. To correct this, you can open the widget and set the width to 198 (or less). But:
    a) images downsized by WP lose quality;
    b) some versions of Explorer won’t understand the downsizing, and will display the image in its original dimensions or even break the theme.
    So it’s best to use an image editing application or an online tool to downsize the image to 198px wide, and use that version.



    thank you both for all your help!! I changed themes so maybe that might help too…we’ll see, but thank you again for both of your responses.

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