image caption doesn’t work in freshy theme?

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    i have checked and double-checked and tripple-checked. i can’t make image caption work in freahy theme. i read in a forum thread that image caption doesn’t work at all. but it did work in chaotic soul. i was hoping somebody can figure out how to do it in freshy. and yes, i know how to make it a part of the image using an image program but no, i don’t want it that way. :D

    the code i used is this:

    <caption>Sunset on road</caption>
    <td><a href=""><img src="" alt="road.jpg" /></a></td>

    any smarter brains out there?


    also i checked redoable lite. it works just fine.

    something up with freshy?


    i got it!

    for freshy it has to be the two-cell approach. described as in here:

    thank goodness, now i don’t have to plan how to kill a theme designer!



    I’m so glad you found the link above that I posted in the other “captions” thread

    Using HTML you have the choice of either the one cell approach or the two cell approach for creating image captions. Details here

    Although I’m no expert, from what I can see there’s no way in HTML to associate a caption with an image. Title attributes don’t count, you only see them on mouse-over, so they end up being a ‘mystery caption’. The closest you can get right now is putting the image in a table, and then using the table’s <caption> element to caption it. Semantically, that’s wrong. And the <object> tag doesn’t help in this regard either. It seems this is never going to get “fixed” for the mainstream web, because HTML4 is no longer being updated.

    Happy blogging :)

    P.S. If my explanation is poor I’m sure an “expert” will correct it. ;)


    yeah thanks for the bread crumbs!

    i was going to thank you already, but i was confused as to where to thank. as you mentioned the link in other threads, semantically speaking it would be less suitable to thank you there as it wasn’t directly meant for me. but then this thread didn’t have the link so i couldn’t quite thank you here directly either……..

    someone please hit me on the head. i think too much :D



    No! Do not hit that head. It’s a good one. :D Thanks for the thanks.

    P.S. I take it that this now “resolved” … YAY! another happy camper. :)


    yep, almost forgot ro “resolved” it!

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