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Image caption font size not showing correctly

  1. feelingenvironmentalist

    Hi! I'm using the Untitled theme and got a bit frustrated with how the image captions aren't working.

    When I'm editing the post on the Dashboard, the captions are perfect! They're in this light gray box with the photo and the font size is just right.

    But when I publish it or even just preview the post, the font size for the caption blows up so that it looks really ugly since it becomes the same size as the other text in the post.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi! Unfortunately, this looks to be the default design/behaviour of the Untitled theme. What you see while editing the post on your Dashboard has got little to do with how the post looks on your blog, as the latter is totally dictated by the design of the theme you have chosen.

    One way to fix this would be to grab the Custom CSS upgrade and include this quick CSS fix:

    .wp-caption .wp-caption-text {<br /> font-size: 0.6em;<br /> }

    A far less elegant solution is wrap every caption in this code using the Text Editor -

    <span style="font-size:.6em;">Your caption here.</span>

    But that's not really sustainable in the long run. For example, if you change themes or even just decide to italicise all your captions, you will have to go back and change each caption in each post.

    Hope this info helped. Good luck with your CSSing! :)

  3. Sorry, tiny mistake! The first code block above should read:

    .wp-caption .wp-caption-text { font-size: 0.6em; }

    (The br tags are unnecessary and were the result of a bad paste!)

  4. feelingenvironmentalist

    Thanks for responding! This was really helpful. I ended up changing themes in the meantime since I haven't fully decided yet on which one to use.

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